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July 28 2013

Axe Cop cartoon can officially be watched online! Vincent Kartheiser (Connor in Angel) voices Bat Warthog Man in "Night mission: Stealing Friends Back". Patton Oswalt (Joel Mynor in Dollhouse, writer of "Serenity: Float Out") will appear in future episodes as the character Sockarang. (Works in Sweden, so might not be geo-blocked.)

If you don't love Axe Cop, you're unworthy of television.
What did I just watch???
WithoutCaution: Axe Cop is based on a web comic (and Dark Horse publication) that is in turn adapted from playtime and discussions between comic book artist Ethan Nicolle and his brother Malachai (who was 5 years old when it all began). Basically, Axe Cop is the pretty much unfiltered imagination of a child brought to life through his brother's pen.
Kairos I guess I'm not worthy of television, then, because I refuse to watch any of the so-called "animation domination" on FOX. Simpsons, Family Guy, anything of that ilk.

By the way, that's a really rude comment. Not everyone's tastes run the same, you know.
AxeCop is FANTASTIC. I love how this has been done.
One does not have to watch Fox to love Axe Cop. One can simply read the webcomic and make up one's own mind based on that.
Take a joke, ShadowQuest. You can watch what you like.
So this is amazing. Love Nick Offerman as Axe Cop!
Wait, somebody on the planet doesn't like The Simpsons? It's been years since I've been a regular watcher but still...The Simpsons. Anyway, looking forward to this, I read some of the original product a couple years back and it was hilarious. Not sure how it will hold up as a weekly half hour show though, seems like it would work better as one of those Adult Swim 15 minute things.
@MrArg-It is 15 minutes. You are in luck!
Ah cool! Are they splitting a half hour block with something else (he says lazily without bothering to use the internet to find out)? Didn't know Fox used that model.
Its with High School USA! (which has Vincent K. in it, so there is a link regarding this on the front page). So far I've liked both shows.

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