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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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July 29 2013

'Let's see what happens next' - more comic books set after Serenity will be coming our way. Comic Book Resources recaps Dark Horse's Star Wars vs. Serenity panel at Comic-Con. Scott Allie said that there will be more Zack Whedon penned stores set after the movie and quotes Joss as saying "Let's see what happens next".

'Shepherd's Tale' was the first comic we did that really looked at the world from the point of time that the movie ended and afterward

Strikes me as odd considering 'Shepherd's Tale', though starts as Book is dying, is a long flashback to before Firefly.
"Allie also noted Serenity won't be getting a monthly book, but will instead be continued with self-contained stories."

I'm glad to read that.
I know if I can't say anything positive I should not say it, but I really dislike what they did with Buffy in comics. I think the graphic novel (or "self-contained stories") approach would have been better.
I'm grateful for any new Firefly, of course, but if I could ask anything of Joss it would be for him to give his blessing to Firefly/Serenity novels and short stories. I just like that format so much better than graphic novels.

We got some marvelous short stories by Jane Espenson, Jose Molina and Brett Matthews in Firefly: Still Flying. I would love to read more of those. Novels or novellas would be even better! Comics and graphic novels have just never appealed to me.

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