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July 30 2013

Aaron Taylor-Johnson says he's met Joss Whedon for Avengers 2 role. He's hotly tipped to play Quicksilver in the sequel. ETA: Bleeding Cool has some quotes from Aaron talking about Quicksilver.

Wonder if will we get confirmation of Aaron in the role at D23.
I wish they could just use Evan Peters and keep some consistency. I am more looking forward to the X-Men version of Quicksilver since the Avengers sequel won't be able to reference that he's a mutant/Magneto's son (aka the coolest bits about him).
I added a link to some new quotes from Aaron.
IMDB has him listed for Quicksilver already...Not that that means much really.
I don't remember where it was, but I saw something recently where Joss was saying that casting *is* storytelling. He gave examples from Aliens 4 where the actors were good, but they weren't right for the roles and it messed up what he wrote.

So I think it's good that Joss is not just accepting the actor that Bryan Singer thinks is right for that movie and is looking for the actor he thinks is right for this movie.
@Jason_M_Bryant Totally agree. If I had to choose between a Joss-selected actor and a Bryan Singer one there's absolutely no contest. Besides, I was really impressed with him in Kick Ass and I always picture Quicksilver with blue eyes. Curious to see how different he'll look in the two franchises.

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