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July 30 2013

Amber Benson talks Buffy and her new book series. On being a role model for young people exploring their sexuality, Amber says "I very much feel like Alyson and I really got to knock on the glass ceiling, and say "Screw you glass ceiling, we are going to knock you down."".

So a-doorknob-ale, as always - actually, I only recal one brief hint about Tara way back in the comics.

Her new series (I'd heard about it before) surprise dme alittle - I'd read short story of hers which I thought indicated she was going to do one about a witches in a parallell version (for example, where Poe was a painter, not a writer) of NYC, not LA. Then again, when I mentioned thta on facebook, she just sort of lolled about it.
Amber is amazing. Beautiful, sweet, talented. I have her entire Callie Reaper-Jones series (Sad that one ended) and plan on getting at least the first book of her new witch series.

I'm glad she's finding things to keep herself busy and pay her bills.

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