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July 30 2013

Bear McCreary on composing for Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He gives a very interesting insight into writing the score for the show. And if you've been wanting to know more about the opening credits, then this is the interview for you.

By "know more about the opening credits" do you mean "find out that the show is pretty much not gonna have opening credits"? 'Cause I wanted the first thing, not so much the second. :)

But that was a lovely interview, and I can't wait to hear Coulson's heroic fanfare! I hope that if he shows up in the movieverse again that someone thinks to use it in an appropriately modified form.
Really sad we're not getting a proper opening sequence. That'll be a 1st for a Joss show, and that was one of my favorite parts about the shows.
And even if we consider Bear's amazing work on the orchestral openings for BSG and The Walking Dead it makes even more disappointing.
That opening cue they do with Lost or Once Upon a Time is just so unsatisfying.
Kind of sad it won't have proper opening credits but really can't wait to hear the score.
I look forward to the thousands of opening credits sequences that will invariably be posted to YouTube once "Coulson's Theme" becomes available via the S.H.I.E.L.D. soundtrack.
I love it when shows don't have opening theme songs (especially when they are Showtime/HBO length), but not if it could be scored by Bear McCreary. Caprica's opening was really great.
Extremely disappointed about not getting a real opening credits :(
It was a big part of all Joss's shows, and it's something that I miss greatly in new tv shows.

I'm very surprised, giving that Joss was saying how he wanted to make AoS more intimate, create a connection with the audience. That's what an opening credits does to me.
Nice interview. Interesting to read about how he works. Interesting.

I'm not a big fan of brass, though, so I'm not certain about the Coulson Theme. But, of course, I may end up loving it, because I'm such a fan of McCreary's work.

I'm with the rest of you who are disappointed with the lack of opening credits. I've noticed that a couple of series that had opening credits as late as last year have none this year. I can only imagine that this is a way to get more commercial time, rather than for any aesthetic or other purpose.
If they do something similar to the Avengers, i.e. dive into the action for a couple of minutes then hit you with the title and a nice little swell of music, then back to the action (or, this being t.v., several minutes of messages about products and services), that would work for me. And if shorter credits equal longer episode then I'm all for it. Joss' credits have been fine, and we've seen them so many times that they're all kind of iconic to fans, but outside of the music (always great) they're pretty standard montages of the actors. Coulson's theme better be a damn good one, it has some stiff competition to live up to.
:( I was looking forward to a kick-ass opening credits sequence as well. I love those.
I was looking forward to the opening credit sequence. TWD opening credits and theme are amazing. And I always loved how the credits changed from season to season on Joss' shows. It took me a while to get used to the Firefly theme but now I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Dollhouse had a great theme but I didn't like how the credits were completely Echo centric.

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Bear McCreary + Whedon. This makes me happy.

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