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July 31 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #24. It's the second last issue of the final arc 'What You Want, Not What You Need'.

I was surprised by how little happened in this issue. I guess they are saving the big finish for the final issue.
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 24,"What You Want,Not What You Need Part IV of V."

Well the end is near.One issue to go for this side of season 9.This was a fast pace issue but I really loved all the character moments.

The running commentary between Angel and Whistler was superb in my opinion.I think that is one of the lessons Angel is coming out of the season with in the aftermath of season 8.Acceptable losses aren't acceptable and focusing on people is what what's important not the grand gestures which is a element of the resurrecting Giles plot this season.Granted this also part of the beige Angel arc of season 2 as well.I do wonder if what Angel was saying was getting through to Whistler.It looks like he started to have doubts in this issue.We'll see what happens next issue but it looks like we got the big showdown between Angel and Whistler since unlike with Angel last season,it does not look like Whistler will be talked out of this now.

So we got two deaths in this issue.Nadira and Nash.Nash was expected just as I expect Pearl to buy it next issue.But I love that it was Nadira with what little was left in her got to be the one to do it.I think if she really is dead(and I think she is),she went out on a high note.It also looks like this might be a springboard for Faith going into season 10.At this point, no matter what happens next issue,I'm expecting Faith and Angel to part ways for season 10.That's the way it feels to me.

The letter column is hinting at another death next issue("Next issue....the end.For someone.anyway.").This issue seems to be setting up it being Alasdair or Giles(again).I hope it isn't Giles again.I was against more resurrections but after a whole season buildup of Giles's return,have it succeed but with the twist of him being back as a 12 year old with his mind and knowledge still intact.And then to kill him off again two/three issues later?That would be a letdown.And quite honestly considering all the drama Giles's new status quo brings,it feels like it would be a waste to drop all that potential in season 10 and kill him again.

So I think Giles will make it.I'm going to exclude our remaing vilains Whistler and Pearl since I think either or both could be killed off since they are our baddies without shock or emotion.I guess Whistler would have some emotional heft due to his connection to Angel's story.But I don't think the tease in the letter column is referring to them.

Alasdair is the safe choice.But I think one of the aunts who were great in this issue or Angel and Faith would hsve more impact.Although if it's Angel or Faith,i doubt they will stay dead.

So I can't really guess.

Great issue overall and and can't wait for the finale next month.
I hope Giles survives, there is so much to do with the character now! Faith can go if you ask me. She is not interesting, she did change a lot during all the years. but I hope she goes away or something drastically changes with her.
I want Drusilla back! I hope the planned issues with her come out during season 10.
I really really think Angel is going to die next issue. I don't know why. I have just had this feeling for ages that this whole arc was to wrap up Angel as a character. It's like the whole season there have been hints of him making a final sacrifice. And I think he will sacrifice himself to stop the plague spreading.

Really enjoyed this issue. Good character beats and great action sequences. I did a fist punch in the air when Nadira finally got her revenge on Nash...and by extension Pearl.

The conversation between Angel and Whistler reminded me an awful lot of the convo with Jasmine in Peace Out. Philosophising between punches:-)
I've had that feeling about Angel as well. But i also think it may be Faith that will die.
I hope Faith doesn't die - I still think she is one of the most interesting characters in the Buffyverse. I think Angel is also a fascinating character but I don't really like him very much anymore. After the Twilight thing I find it difficult to sympathise with him, especially since I think that move was extremely out of character after Wolfram & Hart. I think most of his motivations this season have been selfish.

Though ideally I hope that none of our "heroes" die...

Edit: Whistler's comment about Horishima was BS - it wasn't just one city that the US bombed in Japan, it was a great number, and over 150,000 (a very conservative estimate) people died unnecessarily, through the deliberate targeting of non-military urban facilities (including residential areas, hospitals and schools). An entirely disproportionate reaction to Pearl Harbour and a historical event which some have described as a forgotten holocaust. Not really a big deal narratologically, but its a kind of implicit justification of American imperialism and supremecy, to which I absolutely object.

Sorry... That just really bugged me.

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I don't get the problem with Angel as I think he's been extremely in character this season. I am looking forward to him interacting with Buffy next season (and unless Buffy makes an appearance next issue, Angel ain't dying).
If they tell you someone will die, no one who matters will. But they did not really say anyone would die, only that it would "the end," whatever that means, i.e. Illyria back to Fred, who knows?
Having been following Matt Fraction's wonderful Hawkeye series, I keep picturing how wonderful it would be for Angel and Faith to be cast in similar roles with Angel being Clint trying to clean up LA/London/Elsewhere while Faith as Kate pops in to save his butt when he gets into trouble. The dynamic in the book is so fantastic I just imagine how much I would love to see these Buffyverse characters I care about so much dropped into a format I so feel compliments their relationship.

That said, issue #24 of A&F just felt like one long fight between things of importance happening. When this is one act of an episode, it's cool. But when it's all I get of these characters for a month, I feel cheated. Further, it's going to be a crowded concluding issue to get everything wrapped up and some sense of closure fit in as well. I enjoyed how Buffy s8 ended the battle in 39/40 and 40/40 was a coda. With 45 minutes, one can fight and win AND decompress, but it's much harder to do in 32 pages with ads.

[Edited to change 'plus' to 'with' re: comic page count.]

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I'm pretty sure it's 32 pages total, 22 of which are story content, 10 of which are ads (which is even suckier).

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I liked the fight scenes, it reminded me of the epic fight between Angel and Lindsey in You're Welcome.
Andremthefoozie, Angel in the style of Hawkeye is an amazing idea. It could return some of that Angel season 1 and 2 feel to the comics.
Great issue! I thought it was interesting how various different characters compared what was happening to real war crimes and how they used different rationalisations to comment on whether those things were good or bad. (Just like how in reality war always splits opinions.)

The events of season 7 and 8 have in the past been compared to warfare, but I think this is the first time the atrocities involved are dealt with.
Great issue as always. Looking forward to next issues showdown.
Fantastic Issue again. A&F just keep showing how it's supposed to be done. I really hope neither Faith, Angel or Giles dies simply because I want more of this comic and would love to have those three in it.
Yes, I agree. I'd love to see a Season 10 that focuses on Giles, Faith, and Angel. .... well, only if written by Gage. What an amazing ride this has been.
Actually, now that I think about it, I am now HUGE fans of Angel and Faith but before this series they were both near the bottom for me in terms of interest level. I've always loved Giles. So... as long as Gage is writing I don't CARE which characters he wants to investigate. He made me a HUGE fan of the characters of both Angel and Faith by opening up their stories and resolving inconsistencies and showing new emotional depths to them and giving them such a wonderful story to move through. I think Allie should just ask Gage to talk with Joss about what he'd like to do and give him free reign.
Since no one else is going to mention it, that was pretty amazing what Nadira did. Wow, what a way to go out.

I don't like Giles' character still. He's been very whiny ever since they brought him back even though he has NOTHING to complain about. This issue I just wanted someone to slap him. Whoa is you. You get to be young and live your life again. Oh what a horrible curse!
how did Pearl die?
She didn't. Nash did or so we are led to believe.
Am I the only one who think they're going to do a time reset in the final Buffy issue?
Yes, I know they did with After The Fall. But something tells me they're doing it again for real.

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