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July 31 2013

Time for a Buffy movie Kickstarter campaign? Sarah Michelle Gellar weighs in. She does say if there ever was the right story, she and Joss would do the movie. Though "at this point, the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in."

A movie would be nice, but pointless. We have the comics for the continuation of Buffy's story post-Chosen.
I think SMG handled this question with finesse - doubtful but not shutting any doors.
I think it would be a safe bet to say that we'll see another attempt to do a Buffy movie in the next five or ten years. Whether it has Joss and/or Sarah would be another story.
I sure wonder how a child of Buffy's would turn out. Maybe it should be a next generation thing.
How about Dawn having a child, and that kid sort of accidentally mows down a few the age of ten? That'll lead to Buffy learning how to be a Watcher, and saying the immortal words, "Well, Dawn, your daughter is Hit-Girl. Make sure her hair doesn't turn purple."
Oh yeah has to be about Buffy's daughter and what it she was half vampire/half slayer? I think Buffy as a mom is a target rich environment for stories.
I'd love a Buffy movie with SMG. I think it would have to kiss the comics continuity goodbye, though, and I don't think Joss would be willing to do that out of (in this case, by my own judgment, misplaced) loyalty to the fandom. I think a story about a middle-aged slayer could be utterly fantastic. In a way it would be taking the whole "what on earth can Buffy do as a grown-up" dilemma of the last several seasons of BTVS (a theme prefigured, of course, from S1 onward), along with Spike's Fool for Love speech:
Spike: Mm-hmm. And we just keep comin'. But you can kill a hundred, a thousand, a thousand thousand and the armies of Hell besides, and all we need is for one of us, just one, sooner or later, to have the thing we're all hoping for.
Buffy: And that would be what?
Spike: [whispers in her ear] One... good... day.

A young-middle-aged slayer, haunted by the sense that she's played the odds waaaaaay past any reasonable point, sick of carrying the burden of destiny and yet still--as Buffy would--fighting in the good fight despite it all would just be a fantastic character-study; and what does Joss do better?
Yoink may be on to something. Imagine Buffy as Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson times 23,000. It would still make sense for her to have an apprentice eventually, to make sure the legacy continues.
An in-continuity Buffy movie could be done, since the actors are now much older than their characters in the comics. It would be set sometime after the comics era, which means it would probably only happen if Joss decided he was done with the comics.
There are a ton of slayers now. Why would Buffy specifically need a protege or apprentice?
Imagine Buffy as Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson times 23,000.

Yeah, that's pretty much the kind of territory I'm thinking about (though with a bit less "go ahead, punk, make my day"); something that, it seems to me, we have very few female equivalents of (more, perhaps, on TV). The whole seen-it-all, disillusioned-with-everything but still plugging away. Angel, of course, explored a lot of that territory ("when nothing we do matters..."), and there were intimations of it in Buffy, but an older Buffy could really explore the territory much more richly and convincingly.

The other thing I would want would be for the stakes of the battle to be relatively low--that is, sure, "world in peril" and all that, but not the dreadful mistake of endless Big Bad inflation ("hey, it turns out that before the Turok-Han there were even Bigger and Badder vamps called, um, Balrog-Chai! And she's not facing just an army of them but seven different armies in league against her!" etc. etc.). Buffy against some kind of Master-like figure--keep the cast pretty restricted so the focus of the story remains squarely on the characters and their journeys.

Ah well, a boy can dream, can't he?
I wonder if we'd have better luck Kickstarting the proposed animated series? I would also love to see an animated version of Joss' original Buffy screenplay.
Actually Sarah's reference to a walker (with her fitness level & modern medicine, I expect to be long gone before she needs one) and her previous references to Buffy's "killing them wiht her cane" always reminds me of my own futurefics (which I began long before "Chosen" aired) in that I had Buffy go into semi-retirement from adventuring because of a partial disability :-).

Of course, the 2026 Slayer isn't one of her daughters, but Willow's look-alike. I've learned a few tricks from Joss . . . and D'Hoffryn!

ETA wathcerinthewoods: Now that sounds like a plan that might lead somewhere.

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That's pretty much what she's always said.Interesting that it sounds like she still talks to Joss and they've talked about it.

Truthfully as much as I would be thrilled to see a Buffy movie,I think that time has passed.Joss is pretty swamped the next few years.Sarah has a new series.The rest of the cast has things going on.And honestly,I think Joss is getting to scratch his buffy itch with the comics.

As Sarah brings up,the serial format benefited things over a movie and the comics take that even farther without the issue of budget and real life factors.Seaso n8 began in 2007.Season 9 will end this fall 2013.Than we have season 10 that will probably run another few years.

I would go for a Buffy movie in a nano second but I don't see Joss having a real reason to pursue one since he has the comics to continue Buffy's story.

I think Buffy does need a definitve ending and have felt season 10 should be it with the verse continuing with other spin-offs or more Fray.In my perfect unrealistic world.Season 10 would be the last Buffy season in comics and than everything would wrap up with a movie.No chance in hell but that would be my perfect world.
Buffyfanatic; Well I also hope S-10 is the last of the comics . . . .

But I also agree that the fans seem to be (at least, when most of us put it into words) hung up on BtVS and Angel as specific shows, and likewise the comics as separate series. Of course they are, but the idea of Joss eventually returning to the Buffyverse itself but using a different premise wihtin it is a stronger idea than directly continuing any of the existing specific storylines.

Wondering if Joss decided on my Spook Squad idea (I gave up any rights when I sent it to the old Buffy magazine,) I'm not sure about Ken Lerner but I imagine Amber, Alexis, and Danny would be up for it.
First off, I'm 100% in on a Kickstarter! But like most, I won't hold my breath. Fun to think about though.

As for tales of the middle-aged slayer, Yoink and Impaler General, you two need to read the very under-rated Alan Moore comic book series, Promethea. It's got everything you've mentioned. (a chosen heroine, beating the odds way too long, passing the torch, a protege, etc.) It's great stuff!
Oh, Buffy Returns. An older and darker Buffy, returns to Sunnydale and L. A., finding that the forces of darkness is invading the world. She must return to her old mantle - she must become the Batman. Oh, wait, I'm mixing heroes.

Well, only Joss knows at this point. And guessing from his method, maybe he has an idea floating around in that probably normal-sized brain of his.
Why would anybody want the comics to end?? They are awesome! I hope they continue to run for a long, long time. Month in and month out, they are the best books I'm reading (sorry DC, Marvel and Dark Horse).
Joss did always comment to the effect that if it came to a movie, the comic continuity could take a hike. He'll always choose story need over continuity.

...BUT... IF a movie were to occur based on comic continuity, the CGI budget needed would be in the millions for everyones favourite. Empathetic Talking Beachball DESERVES only the best.
And title credit. Something along the lines of "Empathetic Talking Beachball - The Movie! Feat. Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
"I think her work is done" - Joss on the possibility of a Buffy revival ( Link).
I wish these recent articles mentioning a possible Buffy movie would acknowledge the canon comic books. I bet there are Buffy fans out there longing for a movie who have no idea about the comics.

As long as the comics are being published, there is no need for a movie. And frankly, I'd rather have years to come of the comics than a done-in-one movie.
I think there's definitely room for a kick ass middle-aged Buffy story that Joss would totally nail. So many elements would work like motherhood and greater existential issues, but it might be a problem using Angel or Spike or any other vamp characters as their actors aren't quite as immortal as they are... Comics have the edge in that respect.
I bet there are Buffy fans out there longing for a movie who have no idea about the comics

Some, I'm sure. But then there are also people like me who see the comics as decidedly Buffy-methadone. I mean, I read them all, but my real investment is in the live-action characters, specifically as incarnated by those particular performers. I can kinda-sorta make the Buffy characters in the comics be the actors performing those roles in my head, but it's not the same thing. I mean, I can read Much Ado About Nothing any time I like, but that's not the same thing as seeing it acted by Amy Acker or Emma Thompson.

"I think her work is done" - Joss on the possibility of a Buffy revival

a-HA! He thinks it is done. That means he's not sure it's done. Right? RIGHT? Why, look at it the right way and it's practically a promise that the movie is just around the corner.
And he said her WORK is done! CLEARLY she will be retired and no longer the sla... okay I'm done.

EDIT: That must be what being a shipper feels like. *shudder*

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What's wrong with being chipper?
Seems to me that SMG says this because she knows Joss isn't going to write a story without both her and the rights owners and deal makers being on board first, so she's basically creating a stalemate...or Mexican standoff or something. I don't know these terms well enough to use them. But essentially, there won't be a story unless she's involved, and she won't be involved unless there's a story. Is deadlock the right word?

These things aligning all at once would be extremely unlikely.
In other words, not gonna happen.
If they did a would have to be a movie about the death of Buffy. But for real this time.
Every time someone says "but he doesn't need to, there are the comics" I die a little inside.

Am I the only person who just doesn't like comics? Never have.

I haven't even been able to convince myself to read the books. I am one of those people who reads books and sighs thinking "this would be SO awesome as a movie".
There are a ton of slayers now. Why would Buffy specifically need a protege or apprentice?

As a proponent of that loose plot set up myself, the answer would be... what if there weren't a ton of Slayers anymore? Attrition in the form of death, corruption, etc. I think a movie with the TV cast playing their characters at their relative ages would probably encompass a lot of elements from "Dark Knight Returns" by way of "Kingdom Come" with a bit of "Men in Black" for the mentor/mentee comedy.
KingofCretins -
Attrition in the form of death, corruption, etc.

Or some evildoer manages to reverse Willow's spell. So Buffy, who's relaxing in semi-retirement, suddenly finds herself the one and only chosen one again.
Or Willow herself does, for purposes initially unknown? We can break this story on the interwebs!
alex atkin uk:
Every time someone says "but he doesn't need to, there are the comics" I die a little inside.

Am I the only person who just doesn't like comics? Never have.

I haven't even been able to convince myself to read the books. I am one of those people who reads books and sighs thinking "this would be SO awesome as a movie".

No, no, not just you. I tried, I really did. They just don't do it for me either... and I love to read. Just not Buffy comics. I had trouble with Fray and it wasn't even the same storyline, it seems, I dunno, just *wrong* to me since it isn't "my" characters but some two dimensional stand ins.


(oddly, I've done well with Serenity comics... wonder why that is? not as many years invested in the actors possibly??)

I would LOVE to eventually have a movie of an older Buffy doing a Clint Eastwood, maybe with snazzy weapons instead of footwork!
I'm also one that has just not been able to get into the Buffy comics but am glad that many enjoy it. My daughter initially started buying them all and she didn't like them either.

I'd like a Buffy and Angel movie, don't know if it was covered in the comics but feel that Angel's story was never finished with the whole Shanshu prophesy. Would be nice to have him and Buffy (and possibly Spike) to team up and Buffy help him (them) fulfill the prophecy and they both become human again or one of them gives it up for the other to become human. They've done a lot with special effects where I think they could help "Spike" and "Angel" still look young.

As for all the other slayers, maybe the spell that Willow did eventually wears off and that leaves Buffy and Faith as the only two real slayers right now.
I used to think I wanted a movie, but I'm not sure anymore. I'm a Spike focused fan, and judging by the comics I would only be disappointed. Plus the actors really have aged, the movie would either have to CGI the hell out of them, set it way after the show, or break my heart by getting new actors.
I would have LOVED a movie or spin off after the show ended, unfortunately I think it might be too late.
The comics just can't hold a candle to the show to me, fanfic is more enjoyable than comics. Comic book format though enjoyable in it's own right is just so shallow, like an outline for a show. It just can't get that deep because of it's format. So many layers have been removed.
If its Joss and its Sarah...I'm in.
What if it was one but not the other? Would people take to a Joss-helmed Buffy movie with someone else apart from SMG in the title role? Or a movie starring Sarah but with little-to-no involvement from Joss?
If Joss couldn't get Sarah but wanted to do a Buffyverse movie, he would use a different title. And from sArah's reactiona few years ago the "bruited Buffy re-boot," she wouldn't do it if he didn't bless it.
Would people take to a Joss-helmed Buffy movie with someone else apart from SMG in the title role? Or a movie starring Sarah but with little-to-no involvement from Joss?

I'd watch either of those, but with DEEP misgivings. I don't think either is at all likely to happen. I think the only "Buffy" movie I'd be willing to watch that didn't star SMG would be a "what happened between the original movie and the opening of the series" movie. There's a pretty good comic on that, by the way. Given that it would be a plot that bridged between two different actors in the role anyway, and that SMG's no longer the right age to play it, I would accept a recasting for that. For any post-series Buffy movie, though, an absence of SMG would be a very bitter pill for me to swallow.

By the way, for those who tried the comics and gave up, I'd say that the latest season is better than the first (i.e., more like the TV series). I think the whole "OMG, we don't have to care about the budget, we can do aaaaanything!" thing really harmed the storytelling in the first comics season. But even at its best the comics remain a kind of "huh, that we pretty neat" thing for me--not at all like the "must rewatch and obsess over every detail of this after I manage to put my heart back together" experience of the show."
For me, Buffy is about the woman and her journey. You could absolutely do a Buffy story with SMG but you'd have to understand that the story happens after the comics. The story you'd be telling about her life is in her early to mid 30's. That's not really Hollywood blockbuster material, but who knows. That's the thing, if the story is about a teenager growing up then you can't do it. If it's about Buffy, just like Rocky Balboa you can tell a story at a later point in time in her life.

If you were to do it, IMO some regulars need to be gone though. Just because most people don't go through their entire lives with the same people. Interestingly, it might be a project that gives Joss the ability to really reinvent the character and start over a little bit. I'm sure he's still enjoying telling stories that started with "Welcome to the Hellmouth", but a later life Buffy story would absolutely give him the ability to take the character without nearly the same amount causation needing to be paid off.

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