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July 31 2013

Was Dolly Parton a producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? A question not as daft as you might think.

Doll Parton is quite an impressive person. And very funny. If you ever get a chance to watch her being interviewed on Letterman, it's a riot. So good on her for being involved in Buffy.
This headline made me want a Whedonesque Spoilers Twitter account.
Dolly the vampire payer?
She's also one heck of a business woman, and I really admire her, now, even more so.
I already knew Sandollar was her and Sandy Gallin's company (and I've seen the logo at the end of every episode, so I knew there was a connection), but I didn't know all of these details (only most). Interesting article.

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Great article. I'm always interested in the details on Buffy's inception to series. What I knew about it was very muddled for a long time.(for instance, I used to believe that Whedon went to them to make the series instead of vice versa in a bid to right what was wrong).

I'm glad Joss decided to do the show. Alot of series start out with a showrunner and then they quit the show or are removed by the network and it just goes downhill.

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Now I'm wondering if it wasn't a coincidence that Parton and Buffy have the same birthday.
And both Gail and especially Sandy do not just work at Sandollar, but are very close to Dolly personally, she was close to these decisions whether or not she was directly involved.

And, in case Dolly ever agrees to let her life story be filmed (doubtful,) our own Amber Benson has said she would "love me" to be cast as the lead. (Part of a threeway cross-exchange on Twitter and Facebook initated by Emma Caulfield recommending Amber for Marilyn Monroe and my jumping in with my idea. That was, of course, back when the cast & crew were still responding to me on social media, but I think I blew that later on.)

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"Surprisingly, Whedon was very interested..."

Surprising to them, and to the money-focused types, I think they meant. Unsurprising to all of us. We know what BtVS means to him.
Interesting how many women were involved in the decision making at a high level that made this happen. I don't think that's a coincidence.
Good point, barboo.

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