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July 31 2013

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell on Husbands Season 3. A post comic-con interview with the duo reveals some new stuff about the upcoming season and their process when it comes to comic books.

I'm looking forward to this season. I'm especially curious how it fares on this new CW platform Seed.

I wonder if someday the CW will go all online. Aren't their network shares low?
Do we know how long the episodes will be ?

Would love to eventually see a regular season of 22 episodes.
Nico-angel, it sounded from Jane's comments on the format that it would be similar to season 2 - 8 minutes each but with 6 instead of 3 episodes.

Some of Brad's comments on the comic alongside the live action were interesting. I was hoping to hear more about Amy's role but also neat to hear about the other guests. Can't wait to see how they run with it!

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The only way they would have the funds (anytime in the next 3-5 years) to do a regular 22 ep season of 22-24 minute episodes is if they also had regular broadcast or cable distribution. Economics of an internet only show would never support that.

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