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July 31 2013

(SPOILER) Over 40 new images from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot. If you don't fancy flicking through a lot of pages, Comic Book Movie had put some of the pics on one page (and they are really good pics especially the one of Ron Glass).

Very exciting. Hope Ron Glass's character pops up throughout the show.
So Ron is a doctor. Cool.
I am getting insanely excited about this!
Avoiding this now, starting to feel like when Marvel started to push the promotion of Avengers, with a lot of promotional content. I remember avoiding those to be as unspoiled as possible.
Starts next month!
Yeah, Numfar, I'm avoiding, too. I'm not super spoiler-phobic, but I'd rather not feel like I've already seen it before it starts.

I do think it's wonderful that a Joss show is getting so much publicity, though!
I've definitely developed the attitude lately that if I've already decided I'm going to watch something, I just want gentle teasing; I'm starting to feel like the internet (or rather, how the internet is being used) is eroding that sense of wonder and the unknown.
So much has been leaked so far it's like Disney is saying, "Hey, we don't care how much you know before hand, you're still gonna love this show!" And they're probably right.
Pilot episodes for shows always get an excessive amount of clips and photos released before airing, which most of the time isn't a good thing IMO as it feels like you have seen most of the episode. With SHIELD thought I'm so excited for it nothing can dampen my enthusiasm.
So now TOO much promotion for a Joss show is a BAD thing? I'll be laughing over here in the corner at that silliness.

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