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August 01 2013

Available today on DVD: Justice League: The FlashPoint Paradox. Featuring Captain Tightpants as Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

The film premiered at San Diego Comic Con 2013 and is due for general release today on DVD.

This is probably the most violent title released by DC Animation so far. So beware if you plan to watch it with your kids, keep little ones away from this one until they're older.
Considering it condenses not only the main Flashpoint storyline but also some of stuff covered in side mini-series, it does feel a bit rushed in some parts of it's 80 minute length.
How would you rate it Numfar PTB? 2 out of 4 stars? 3 out of 4?

Haven't seen much about it and I'm debating between waiting for Redbox and buying a copy.
From a 4 star rating system? Yes, 2 stars would be close, but I am biased, considering I'm not a huge Barry Allen fan, and despite the Justice League billing on the title, he's mostly the lead, like in the event series in which this was based on. And As I've implied in the first comment it is more violent than it needed to be.
Cool. Thanks Numfar PTB

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