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August 01 2013

Ten Creepiest Buffy Villains. Might be surprising...

Not sure I'd even be able to rank Buffy villains by creepiness, but I'm fairly certain if I did, Angelus, Warren and Caleb would all rank higher than Der Kinderstod, just in terms of how they think. Der Kinderstod was a great design, and the eye thing was freaky, but I'm not sure I get how that's enough to beat some of the more psychological creeps.
If the writer was going with physical creepiness, which I don't think he really decided (which makes the list kind of awkward), he'd have to have the Queller Demon at or at least very near the top, 'cause, seriously gross.
I don't really find the Big Bads creepy, probably because we always saw too much of them. I think it's a lot harder to be creeped out by something if you know how their mind works. Except Angelus, who I still find chilling. And Warren.

There's also the distinction between episodes that were convincingly creepy and villains who were. 'Same Time, Same Place' isn't exactly scary, but god am I thankful I'll never have to meet Gnarl.
Not sure I agree with his list (the Gentlemen should be number 1, IMHO) but I completely agree with the reasoning for the mayor
the Queller Demon at or at least very near the top, 'cause, seriously gross.

The idea of a "snot monster from outer space" is a great one, and when the Queller demon is just sitting on the ceiling it's pretty chilling. Unfortunately they couldn't quite make it a believable threat in the final confrontation: it's just a bit too "man in a suit." So it loses a bit on the "creepy" front at that moment.
I completely agree with the number one choice. I have watched and re-watched every Buffy episode except for "Same Time, Same Place" which I have only watched once. That Gnarl demon, and what it did to Willow was just way too creepy and gross, and I never, EVER want to see it again!
I just watched "Listening to Fear" again, and while I've never liked the Queller, realizing that no one noticed it as it wandered Sunnydale General Hospital kind of undid the ick factor. Too unbelievable. By far the worst moment in that episode is Buffy crying while doing the dishes.

My own personal bugaboo, however -- almost literally -- is the mind-controlling egg demon in "Bad Eggs." While the mothership monster isn't really that impressive, its minions are terrifying for me because they can hide. Hide almost anywhere. "Bad Eggs" is the only one where I still have to chant my mantra of "Buffy kills it, Buffy kills it" until she does. The spiders in "Choices" are somewhat similar, but I don't think they actually go to ground.

Kudos to the list-maker for remembering Norman, even if he doesn't make it on the list.

...On reflection, it's possible that I just don't like bugs.
In Afterlife, having the Scoobies possessed by the demon they created when they brought Buffy back was one of the creepiest things they ever did. Those are real "horror movie" moments that freak me out every time.
i would of said as my number 1- The Gentlemen and the clown in Xander's nightmare, to the point i can't watch it! I feel Xander's fear.
Can't resist a minor nitpick: Buffy wasn't visited by the First in Cwdp, she just had a weird encounter with a rather unusual vampire (who happened to have been sired by a First-influenced Spike).

But as for the creepiness factor, I think he did a good job. Except, I'd actually push Angelus a lot farther down the list, really. He was a hell of an evil bastard, but Angelus never really creeped me out at all, whereas any number of Monsters of the Week really, really did. (Bugman, the Bazoar eggs, Vampire Willow and Xander, Doublemeat palace lady, the ghost from After Life...)

And I have to agree, horrible as the Gentlemen were, Gnarl was worse. He looks creepier, he moves creepier (mainly because the Gentlemen are somewhat hampered by the rather lame demonic Orderlies), and the whole paralysis thing is actually the next (even worse) level of the silence factor that the Gentlemen had. Plus, the Gentlemen didn't hold an entire conversation with you while they were cutting your heart out... I can't even imagine watching an episode with multiple Gnarls in it - I might run away screaming.
Honestly, one of the creepiest things I can remember from Buffy is Xander's transformation in "The Pack". Excellent job by Nicholas Brendon. I still don't like to watch that episode too closely. (Yes, I know he wasn't a Big Bad, but still - high creepy factor.)
This list is invalid without the card shark from Tabula Rasa.

Seriously though, how come no one's mentioned Anthony Kralik yet? Or Rack? (Who I guess was only semi-villain, but he sure was creepy.)

Of the Big Bads, I think Warren, The First (in some incarnations) and Caleb were the creepiest. Angelus and The Mayor were great villains, but I wouldn't place them in the top 10 for creepiest. Drusilla isn't really what I'd call creepy either.

Also the thing they created in After Life is a good choice, the Gentlemen obviously, and Gnarl definitely deserves to be #1 in my book.

The kids possessed by Hyenas, including Xander, is a great pick too. I wouldn't have thought of that one, but yeah.

I'd say the puppet from The Puppet Show as well, but he didn't turn out to be a villain.

The Quellar demon...I don't think the thing itself was very creepy. It looked kinda cheesy to me. But what was happening to Joyce in that episode was creepy. Conversely, Der Kindestod wasn't a very good episode but I actually think choosing the monster itself as one of the creepiest is a good call.

And Doc could be creepy.
Well I think that Warren was too real to be 'creepy' (he did scare me a lot though!). And although I agree with ActualSize with regard for my love of Nick Brendon's performance in 'The Pack', that also had a level of reality that off set the creep factor (I knew too many 'packs of bullies' owning the halls of High School to find it creepy, but it is definitely scary!).

Like ManEnoughToAdmitIt, I found the Bad Eggs to be VERY creepy. It is a familiar trope to have everyone taken over by the mind control, so that our hero must fight alone... but the familiarity doesn't make it less creepy (and I also don't like bugs).

For the most part I agree with the list.

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