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August 01 2013

Firefly: Out to the Black card game Kickstarter Campaign. Toy Vault, Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Firefly-inspired card game!

'Firefly: Out to the Black' has been officially launched on Kickstarter!

Here's your chance to jump on the bandwagon - er, spaceship, a bit early and have your copy of 'Firefly: Out to the Black' primed and ready to ship once it lands planetside. By purchasing on Kickstarter, you also have the opportunity to help produce over 30 extra cards available in 2 expansion packs, as well as lay early claim to the upcoming Mal Pocket Plushie, and more!
Apart from refusing to ship internationally I like the look of this... but is it actually licensed or is this another 'cunning hat' scenario?
Toy Vault has a license but this is as far as I know the first time they've said anything about crowdfunding it.
Oh, I see. It isn't crowdfunding the base game but expansion packs?
For some reason this says cynical marketing opportunity rather than a genuine effort to get money.
Yeah, I was bit surprised that a company that could somehow acquire a license to this product would then need to turn to kickstarter? Especially if they could somehow manufacture that disconcertingly realistic plushie toy too.

On the other hand there's easily every possibility I would have missed the existence of these products.
so want this game!
There is a special place in Hell for Kickstarters that don't ship internationally.
Wow, these guys have raised $841k in revenue from previous Kickstarter projects. I'm not saying that's a bad thing.
The company has the license, but it's probably not cost-effective to make the commitment to making the game, though I'm not sure how much it would really cost. Anovos didn't seem to have trouble making Battlestar Galactica Triad cards. This might cost more in terms of employee hours because they have to spend time actually creating a game, whereas the BSG Triad cards were based on pre-existing design and game play.
There is a special place in Hell for Kickstarters that don't ship internationally.
Their license apparently only allows them to do this domestically, if you read the details.
Okay, the license can go the the special Hell.
As an avid boardgamer, I can tell you that 'outsourcing' up-front development/production costs to Kickstarter has become a significant trend over the last couple of years. Marketing benefits are non-trivial, to be sure, but KS is no longer just a place for plucky, aspiring folks to get help bringing something that otherwise would never get published. Even major gaming companies (Queen Games being perhaps the most prominent) are getting in on the act.

That Toy Vault would do it is therefore not that surprising. The license pretty much guarantees they'll make a profit, but kickstarting it means they don't have to shell out nearly as much to get it to market.
The Kickstarter project has been cancelled. It looks like all the cynics above were correct:

The response to this Kickstarter Campaign has simply been amazing.
We are so thrilled that so many of you are willing to put your faith in a project that is so near and dear to our hearts.
Unfortunately, we must discontinue this project in its current form, however we assure you that we will be continuing with the game and promo pack production, and are excited about the official launch currently planned for late October.
Everyone who pledged can still pre-order and receive complete bonus packs (including all stretch goals) by visiting: [link removed because this company is clearly not to be trusted--EddieBuck]
If you were unable to pledge before this project ended, please check with your favorite game retailer for ways to order.
Thank you for your support!

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