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August 01 2013

James Marsden thinks Joss should do a Kitty Pryde movie. Which is fitting, seeing as Joss once said "If there's a bigger influence on Buffy than Kitty, I don't know what it was".

Well, the interviewer fed him part of that suggestion, but it was nice that he was aware of Joss.

Also nice that he wasn't pushing Cyclops, who was underwritten in the movies and fighting for screen time in a large cast. I've liked the character, but understand those who don't like him, because half the time Scott Summers is written like a tool. But Joss got why some of us like the character, and wrote him in Astonishing X-Men to show those strengths.
I want a GOOD Cyclops movie with Marsden! Doesn't have to be his movie, but an X-Men universe movie where Cyclops gets a decent plot. Maybe Joss can write Cyclops in to his Kitty Pryde movie! I agree with OneTeV; I get why some people hate him, but I do think he's a great character if done well.
Only Joss is working with Marvel Studios who don't have the rights to X-men & Kitty Pryde which is 20th Century Fox. It would be awesome to see, but I don't think it's a possibility.

Speaking of any new Marvel movie, it would be awesome if that Runaways movie finally happened. Even if Joss didn't write and direct it himself it would be nice to see him have a hand in it finally getting off the ground.
I thought that just showed a good familiarity with the general source material and the works of one of the more prominent figures in the genre, not necessarily getting prompted by an interviewer.

I could see once the contract is up that 30th Century might come to its senses and try and lure him back for a character/universe he likes. Granted we don't know which wins out for studios-- the joy/safety of sequels or the fear of a female protagonist.

But yeah, James Marsden seems to be incredibly affable and charismatic in everything I've seen him in aside from the X-Men movies, it'd be nice to see them bring his character back especially in light of how the perceptions of the character have changed a bit since the first movie came out.
Matt_Fabb, my hope is that Runaways doesn't get picked up, then SHIELD uses them. Their parents are supervillians running a crime syndicate. That's not an episode, that's an entire season arc with their parents as the big bad!
After Wonder Woman and a certain vampire slayer, I think Kitty Pryde is the most iconic female superhero. With Wonder Woman always playing second trombone to Batman and Superman, if DC lets her in the band at all, and with a Buffy movie merely rumored, I think a good Kitty Pryde movie could possibly be the breakout female superhero movie that I'd really like to see. Possibly.

The problem is, with Avengers giving him more clout (especially if A2 also does well), and with his rep, Joss is the man to do it... I really can't think of anyone else who could. Not because of skill: there are great directors out there. But great, feminist(-ish) directors with the power to get a superheroine film made, and make it successful? I can't think of anyone else. So Joss is the only man for the job...

...and that's a real problem. Both in the "only" part and in the "man" part. There ought to be more, and at least 50% of them ought to be women. And there aren't.
I'm conflicted. On one hand, I'd really love a Kitty movie and, sadly, I don't really trust anyone else to helm it. On the other, I can't be the only one wishing for Joss to do his own things after the Avengers are done.
The most depressing thing about this interview is no Cyclops in the new X-men movie. Seriously, they've got about damn near every other x-men there's ever been in it, but they couldn't give a cameo to y'know the actual leader of the x-men? I'd really been hoping that the time travel hi-jinks could have meant that at the end he showed up for an appearance, even if it was just in the last scene. that would have put a real smile on my face, and been a nice place to end the series if they didn't make any more with this cast.

As for Kitty, yeah she's ALWAYS been my favorite girl in the x-universe. I can even remember as a kid wishing that they could have got the girl who played Nancy in the first Nightmare in Elm street to play her, as at the time I thought she was the spitting image of her. Later on I wanted Natalie Portman to play her, but they torpedoed that option having her in the relatively worthless part of Jane Foster in Thor. Not sure who I think would be best in the part now. Nothing against Ellen page, who I really do love in most movies, but she doesn't really feel like Kitty Pryde to me..
What I thought was unusual was The Wolverine is a Fox film, but it opened with the Marvel Studios animation. Does that have any significance, beyond both companies trying to lure a wider audience?
I imagine, OneTeV, that it's basically the same boat as RED 2 having a DC Comics logo just before the opening credits, even though it was a Summit Entertainment film (rather than Warner Bros.) because of DC owning the comic imprint the original Warren Ellis-created story was published under.

Marvel still owns the IP to the X-Men but made the distribution deal with 20th Century Fox long before they made themselves a production studio and long before Disney bought them. So, the latest Wolverine-fronted movie gets a Marvel Comics/Marvel Studios logo, just like any Spider-man films done by Sony.
That flipping pages Marvel logo was originally made for Sam Rami's Spider-Man movies. So it was never just for the movies made by Marvel's Studio.
Duh! Thanks for pointing that out, Jason. I was watching the first X-Men movie recently, which did not have the flip-page animation, and forgot that even the 2nd film had it.
Sorry, to me, Scott Summers will always be the guy who deserted his wife when his lost love popped out of a meteorite. One reason among many that the "X family titles" were the first ones I dropped as I was gradually giving up comics.
Granted his wife was a clone of his lost love. ...Which is a thing I only read about in hindsight on wikipedia or gleaned through context, it never really occurred to me that might have been a status quo that could have been around for any extended period of time. That said, I think his dynamic with Emma despite having another wife really did make him a bit more interesting than just a slab of muscle ironically nicknamed "slim."

But yeah, in hindsight re: super heroines there are so many cool X-women that I forgot the others who seem to be able to sustain solo mini-series better than Kitty. Namely there's Storm and Rogue but I also suppose that X-23 as the nubile young Wolverine-a-like are all more plausible as traditional action-franchise heroes and visually-proactive. Of course it also depends on how secretly ninja-trained they're willing to make Kitty?

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