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August 02 2013

CNN asks, "Where are they now?" Buffy edition. "But if the stars somehow aligned to bring us another Chosen One movie with SMG, where's the rest of the cast in terms of availability?"

But we all already know where they are...
I find it interesting that so many of these articles are done. Do other shows get as much attention, or are we just lucky?

Boy, what a fluff piece. Not much substance, and not much we didn't already know. Odd that they only mention ages for a few of the actors.

No love for Tara, which is disappointing. And Wesley only got a passing mention in the bit on Alyson.
Yeah, it is not like Amber Benson is a shy wallflower or anything.
The thing about "The Buffy Movie" and even grouping these people together... as time moves on, there's that uncomfortable high school class reunion feel to it. Everyone has grown and changed and trying to put them back into the same context... it's a distorted/alien un-reality of what was that just doesn't quite sit right. I'm glad we have the comics and I'm glad for the new things they're doing now, but going back to Buffy... even if it could happen, I'm just not sure if I'd really want to see it anymore.
I've got to catch my breath a bit ... I'm happy this was posted just to have seen that gorgeous photo of Seth Green. He is so crunchy - a term I used to use for Billy Mumy, another ginger, back in the day.

This premise keeps circulating with the same old problems inherent (age, interest on both ends, fans/actors/Joss), and yet, as Sarah says, if it were the right story ... I think about more live-action Buffy than I do about Firefly, so I would be up for it. Better Joss than the Kuzui's, but that begs the question, would he have the rights to do another film but with the TV cast, if he wanted to. That doesn't mean it will happen, though.
SMG, Alyson, and the rest would never touch a movie without Joss on board. And when is Joss gonna have the time?

(Side note: aside from the aforementioned Seth Green pic, how did CNN find such awful photos?)

I'm happy to have one high-school reunion movie in "Veronica Mars." I think there's a little too much water under the bridge for BtVS. Mostly I'm just happy that SMG is no longer categorically ruling it out, as she has in the past, and then largely for her sake (as it suggests she's less anxious about being pigeonholed, and that any old resentments are easing).
They could have picked a more flattering picture of SMG :-\
Why publicly rule out something that will never happen anyway?
It doesn't hurt to run thru the list. I know Sarah has the series with Robin Williams, looks promising.

Final year for Aly with HIMYM. Heard she had something else inline, is that confirmed?

That's it for the shakers, any other news?
Honestly, five or so years ago, I could see the potential. Now, with everyone far removed, older, and the comics continuations, it's like "why bother?" Still, my butt will in the theater opening weekend if it comes out in 2019.
I enjoyed this. Even though nothing was really new to me it was still nice to see all my Buffy peeps at once. I liked the pictures of everybody. Alyson Hannigan has actually improved with age, she looks fantastic.

I'm looking forward to the SMG and Seth Green series coming this fall.
Like I said in another thread, it may be that too many years have passed, but if it got made, no doubt I would see it.
The hardest sell would be the vampires, as they have clearly aged past the 20 somethings they were supposed to be eternally.

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I was thinking that last night. Brad Pitt-CGI would be called for.
Always hate these lists because they leave out either my favorite or someone else's. Plus they missed Charisma's new property; as graduate English major, I'm sure she can pull off being a host.

The earlier article got me thinking, let's say they all have some available time at once 6 years from today, as an arbitrary date.

First, the characters, excluding the parents and most of the vamps. Oz and I assume Faith will be 40, the main Scobies and their classmates 39, Andrew I guess 38 and Dawn 34.

So, again roughly speaking because I'm only looking up a few birthdays, Charisma and Liz will be 49, Nicky 48, Julie 47, Emma 46, Aly and Danny 45, Iyari and Tom 43, Sarah and Amber 42, Mercedes 39, Eliza darn close to that *grin, and Michelle 35. Playing the characters properly aged and presumably at least semi-retired from adventuring, well, I figure any available cast could pull off something worth watching.

And they could still do something good 10 or 20 years after that, also, just very, very, different.

Considering that I watched Still the Beaver intentionally (hey, I was only 26, gimme a break) and A Very Brady Christmas as a condition of staying married and still wish I could see Bring Me the Head Of Dobie Gillis, I'll never discount the power of the TV-movie's allure.

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I'm just amazed at how ageless AH is.
Rather than a reunion a reboot would be better. I don't mean a full reboot with a complete new cast but more of a Next Generation theme. Set a few years after the last series you could have a young girl suddenly get powers, she wanders into her library to find a new librarian who turns out to be Xander whos there as a new watcher.

Throughout the series the Scoobies and others can make guest appearances or extended roles. Slowly explaining things that have happened in the past. A new TV series wouldn't be able to take in the comics simply because it would confuse new fans and old ones who haven't followed the comics.

You could have all sorts of mysterys and new enemies come out of this hidden past with a fresh younger cast being guided by some of the old guard.
I'm just amazed at how ageless AH is.

Happiness agrees with her.
Not a bad scenario faneater, except for sentencing Xander to the library seems a bit cruel. Maybe let him teach woodshop instead. :)

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