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August 03 2013

The Avengers 2: Joss talks Ultron, Thanos, and an X-Men crossover. Highlights from a recent interview in Total Film magazine.

Yeah, they missed out product placement and advertising by not using "Underoos of Ultron".
Very, very excited about the Scarlet Witch. She not only has the power to get in the Avengers' heads, she can make their weaknesses manifest--even more than Loki did. Plus: woman! And she has arced from villain to hero, a path the Purple Penman writes heartbreakingly well.

Downside: She's not helping me remember not to call that other character the Scarlet Widow.
Huh, I'm starting to think Thanos, while not central to this Avengers, is not uninvolved either. I mean "he’s always been the overlord of villainy & darkness.”

Maybe we have some Whedony "smoke and mirrors?"

Please note, I really don't think Thanos is the big bad here, just not out of the equation.
He pretty much said that, I think.

Who's going to play Scarlet Witch? It has to be someone super-sultry, but also totally bad-ass, and a really really good actress. With a touch of innocence, maybe even naïveté. Wanda may be my favorite Avenger, not counting the Vision and Hawkeye.

Say, this will be Joss's second red-headed witch character whose first name (Wanda) starts with a W.
Well, until this interview, I had deleted Thanos from my own list of predictions for Avengers 2.

Now, not so much.
I don't care too much about X-Men and Avengers crossovers. They're pretty much their own teams. I know there's some crossover, but I didn't miss any of the X-Men in the movie.

The character I do miss -- Spider-man. I really wish Marvel and Sony could come to some kind of agreement and allow a crossover. I loved The Avengers, but Spidey was just a giant, glaring omission.
I've only gotten into comics recently, but there are so many possible team members that someone being missing doesn't really bother me. It helps that my only real experience of Spiderman has been with the movies, and while I liked some of them fine it doesn't bother me in the slightest that he won't be an Avenger in the movies.

Would have loved to have seen a Joss X-Men movie though...or even just a member of two popping up in Avengers. Unlikely, but oh well. I'm really excited for Days of Future Past.
Just think of how many more Marvel movies we get with the rights spread out to the 3 studios. If Disney had them all we wouldn't get half as many. Oops! Is positivity allowed in a Marvel fan conversation? I'm never sure.

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