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August 03 2013

Much Ado About Nothing U.S. theater listing for the week of August 2nd. New cities and first time showing in Montana and West Virginia. Here is a Canada and Australia list.

Returned to Florida, Hawaii, Iowa and Tennessee.

So far, it's generated more than four million bucks, including about $700,000 overseas. It seems to be really popular in SF, NY and Seattle.
I wonder when the DVD is coming out. Still no listing on
Yes! Chattanooga! I can finally see this near me!
It's not playing in my local city anymore, so I want this on Blu-ray. Now. :)
October 7th according to It's available for pre-order. Still waiting for the miracle of it being released in Finnish film theatres before that. Then again, I'm also kind of interested in finding out how much of the dialogue I could understand without the subtitles on my first viewing.
mintypineapple - Some of us from Chattooine/ConNooga are going to the 6:45 tomorrow!
Oh I hope it is released on DVD in October in the USA too, because I want to give it to everyone I know for Christmas! But I am glad it is still in theaters, it really is worth it to see it on the big screen (and it only gets better with multiple viewings).
Darn! Did not realize it played in Bloomington IN from 8/1 to 8/3, so now I've missed it. Three days? In a College town? The week before classes resume??? Someone is not wearing their thinking caps at the Art Theater here!.
QingTing - Sadly I have to work tomorrow. I'm going to try and see it Monday, though.
"Much Ado" will easily clear $5M worldwide. Quite an achievement!
Here are the times for Mexico, according the Distributor:, as the movie heads into its 3rd week of release.

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