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August 03 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about her husband's guest stint on Bones this coming season. Freddie Prinze Jr. guest role on Bones came about when Sarah,Freddie and David Boreanaz were hanging out together a few weeks ago at a pool.

It's nice to hear that Sarah and David are friends after all these years. I'm looking forward to seeing Freddie on Bones.
"The Biz" does have a small-town aspect to it. And yes, while not evrybody remain friends, there are a series of interlocking circles of friends which involve varying groups of most of them, it seems.

Actually, it would be great to see some of these erstwhile on-screen paired again, playing totally different charcaters, just the way Alexis and Amy just did, and the way was so common in the old studio days (most famous example Maureen O'hara played opposite not only John Wayne, but also Jimmy Stewart, Brian Keith, and Tyrone Power quite often.)

My fantasy-favorite example is Aly starring in a Susan Hayward biopic, with James Marsters, using his Southern accent, as second husband Eaton Chalkeley, or Seth or Amber on Aly's next show:-). But heck, I forget if Adam's character on Men At Work is currently single, but I wouldn't object to Ammelinda or Shonda turning up next season! Let alone any *one* of the more prominent couples, except David and Charisma, I didn't feel any chemistry there.

Egotistical postscript: Heck, while I'll never write the story Freddie (And, since he's played several characetrs with the same name as his, the "Fruffy" marriage) are characters in my own fic 'verse. A little slapstick scene when he thinks he's sneaking up on Sarah in an almost-empty studio but it turns out to be Buffy.
So nice to know that David and Sarah hang out. I wished we had a picture.
I like that they are still friendly.

As DaddyCat mentioned, it's always nice to see Buffy/Whedon reunions. I'm still hoping How I Met Your Mother can squeeze in an Amber Benson appearance before it ends next season.
manbearpig: Yeah, sicne she's not the Mother, maybe she can be the minister for Barney and Robin. Two very nominal Catholics gettign married in a Congregational church*- this ex grad student studying Religion in American Life and Thought is quite amused.

(wonder if it's United Church of Christ or NAtional Association Congregational.)
Wow, I'm dense -- when his guest appearance was mentioned before, I completely missed the connection to Boreanaz in "Bones".
KingofCretins That's because the mods took it down shortly after it was posted, as he "isn't a Whedon star" so the connection was too tenuous. So your mind probably didn't have time to register the link.
Things like this is why i joke about Joss ruling the world. Bones has TWO other Joss alums as regulars, not to mention the one offs. Castle & How i met your mother & even Ringer had a few Joss alums. Then so many land one offs on Supernatural, its unreal. OF course, SO many land on the syfy channel
Its funny.

Its almost like, if Joss hires you are guaranteed to have consistent work. lol
Gosh, could those two be possible more gorgeous?! I know Sarah isn't even trying hard.

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