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August 04 2013

A litter of cats named after the Firefly crew. They named the mother of the kittens Firefly. "I thought Firefly was a perfect name - she's the size and shape of a spaceship, and she's carrying a full crew inside."

That's adorable, thanks for posting.
where's Book?
Dibs on all of them aww!
lecter: Presumably with the doc.
Streaming, live: !
Obligatory AWWWWW!

Late one night, about a week before 9/11, we parked our car outside a Karate dojo in a dark, empty warehouse district. While my husband went inside on an errand, a black and white kitty came running down the block towards the car, crying. I opened the door, she jumped onto my lap and refused to leave. She was starving, filthy, preggers, and unbelievably affectionate.

We decided to take her home for the night, with plans to take her to a shelter the next day. But on the way home she curled up in my lap and went into labor.

By dawn she had given birth to two enormous kittens. Both boys, pure white, with beautiful blue eyes. They're both deaf. I gave Mama and one boy to a friend, and kept the other boy. His name is Luciano and I love him more than my next breath.
@Amrita: That's a wonderful story! I'm glad you took care of her and sons. :)
Nothing like checking a favorite site and getting kitten pictures free with your fandom news.
And links to other distracting articles there . . . .

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