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August 05 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. poster gets unveiled. The poster was revealed after a promotional Twitter campaign.

I love it, and I'm really glad that it isn't one of those overly-photoshopped promotional posters, here's hoping that more are to follow!
Wasn't sure what to think of it when they were tweeting the pieces of it but I like the finished product. What I don't get is what do they do with a tv poster? Will this be in a newspaper ad? On the side of a bus somewhere?
eddy, the poster along with the billboards we have already seen are representations of the "key art" (the style and graphics) we will be seeing everywhere (busses, signboards, commercials, billboards, all over the internet etc.) in the next 6+ weeks leading up to the premiere of the show.

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