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August 06 2013

The best Enver Gjokaj interview you will ever listen to. It's that good. Enver gives great insights into his career to date, especially in regards to Dollhouse and The Avengers. And if you want more Enver, he'll be in the next season of The Walking Dead and appearing in his new web series "Hollywood Hitmen" with Dichen Lachman. The iTunes link for the podcast can be found here.

How very sad that, in his view, Hollywood is not looking for character actors. He is so talented, it is such a waste.
How do people find the time to listen to a 70 minute podcast? This has always baffled me. Hope someone gets around to summarizing the main points. In print.
70 mins? I just have it on in the background at work.

First 7.5 mins are the introduction and then talking about an app he and his brother, Demir, have created called Montaj:
I got a lot of podcast-listening done on my horrendous LA commute to work back in the day.
I will listen to this with great enjoyment, just as I force-fed myself inhaled 54+ minutes of Joss' Comic-Con panel.
Cars, buses, trains, planes - the time for podcasts. Or in my case, on my sofa. Lovely interview. Enver is great and an ideas box of creativity, more people should hire him.
Oh I'm very excited to see Enver on 'Walking Dead'! I love that show.
He truly seems to be able to play both "the anyman" and every man. And maybe some women. (Kiki anyone?)
I listen to podcasts while walking my dog. Thanks for pointing out a new one.

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