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August 06 2013

Joss Whedon interview on Rove Live - from 2005! Joss appeared on the Australian talk show Rove Live in September 2005 when he was promoting Serenity (and still had hair!). He talks about how the film got made and also reveals a huge secret.

Haha, the third tag already says pretty much my exact sentiments.
Wow this takes me back. Rove's interview with James was pretty funny too, especially when he talked about homemade food aussie's gave him as gifts. "What part of the dingo did that come from?"
I love this interview, saw it a while ago. And I admit I kinda miss his hair :)
RAVE! That's what Joss looked like when I saw him do the funny at Comic-Con in 2006, only with longer, wavier hair. Is he aging himself with his schedule? He's definitely still got the youthful spirit going but ... Joss! Slow down a bit ... :=)
"Dude, Where's My Car?" Am I the only one here that is going to be giving that film a look, due to Joss' love for it?
"Dude, Where's My Car?" is basically what "The Hangover" is a less absurd remake of.
By the way, there's also a clip from Sunrise Australia:
I haven't seen Newsies either, so that's two to watch. Happy Joss didn't say he liked oh, say, Boomerang or I'd have to disown him.
Joss's forehead had always been there...waiting.
Newsies is seriously great.

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