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August 06 2013

'Much Ado About Nothing' DVD/Blu-ray gets a US release date. According to the listing, the movie will be out on October 8th.

The link to the DVD on Amazon can be found here.

Yay! It didn't come to a theatre near me, so this will be my first chance to see it.
Will this be the only edition or will a super collector's version come later?
They only have it listed for Blu-Ray there isn't a DVD option available, at least not yet.
There is a DVD page, I just linked to the Blu-ray page. Here's the link to the DVD page.
And since it's Lionsgate, I'll issue a tentative hee-whackitty-doo-doo-doo since it should be SDH nd so I'll be able to follow the blessed thing this time; it's the dickens sitting watching a movie with no idea what's happening. (I was so heartbroken/furious when I brought home No Ordinary Family DVD and realized I was just as badly attached by an inclined plane wrapped vertically around an axis as I was in the original broadcast, and again when I bought The Sacketts a few weeks ago.)
Thank you Simon! I searched the site and I couldn't find a link for the DVD (and I only want to pre-order the DVD).

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