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August 06 2013

11 sidekicks who are indisputably better than their heroes. Our favorite witch makes an appearance.

Oh... wow. I could not possibly disagree with this more than I already do. *ducks*
"Indisputably" - you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
You can't really write an article about why some sidekicks are better than the main hero and include Kid Miracleman. You just can't. The examples given in this feature don't support the main argument.
Personally, The Willow Show, assuming she was with the correct squeeze, would easily have become my favorite show ever. In other words, no way in havok could it happen.
I love Willow, but I disagree.
I've just disputed that statement and immediately proven the title incorrect.

I wouldn't say this if I weren't tired of those "Willow is better/more likeable/more interesting than Buffy" articles, but I was never really able to like Willow that much. Her story is interesting, but the cutesy voice and mannerisms always bugged me.

Nevertheless, they both had great storylines and development. However, the argument that Willow is better than Buffy because she became more powerful, as if crazy superpowers are what makes a character good or interesting, is just nonsense.
I'll second DaddyCatALSO's show preference, but I'll change the name to Willow and Tara, seeing how I love both characters. And as for Willow and Tara's "cutesy voice and mannerisms" as TTB put it, that's what endeared me to the couple. I love Willow babble and Tara's strong, quiet shyness.
Yeah, this list is painful. I love Willow but seriously? The only one I agree with (that I recognize) is Kato. He stole the show. And someone mentioned Gromit. The argument about Damian Wayne's Robin mainly just proves it was an interesting dynamic. Do Topher and Hit Girl count?

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Naturally, I agree. :-)
Erm, I agree with almost everything on that list. I don't know what you guys are talking about. And I think most Buffy fans would probably agree that Willow is more popular than Buffy in the fandom. And she's certainly more powerful than Buffy.
Uhm, no. Just no. Willow got beyond obnoxious with the magic in the series and is just intolerable in the comics.

Kato, now there's a sidekick I'd tip my cowl to.

Better choices for Whedonverse sidekicks; Zoe. Badass. Loyal. Tall. Badass. Did I mention badass? She was quite badass.
BlueSkies: I don't see it in the comics. Nearly everything has been and is still the result of Buffy's bad decisions - Willow is trying to make a life in the interstices. I mean, I'll never really like her again after what she did to Tara's mind, but I don't see her as the problem in the comics.
I think it's hard to argue that Willow is "better" than Buffy. What makes the show so special is the relationship between the characters. Buffy is a stronger hero because she has the support of her friends and family.

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