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August 06 2013

Special features for the 'Much Ado About Nothing' DVD/Blu-ray get revealed. Not one but two commentaries. Plus a music video and a couple of featurettes.

I'm so excited to own this! I ended up seeing the movie seven times in theaters, and it still wasn't enough. I can't wait.

One complaint: no gag reel? Are you telling me they made no mistakes while filming? Come on, Joss. Why are you holding out on us?
Are the features going to be the same on the DVD and the Blu-ray?

That link is only explicitly talking about the Blu-ray, and on a cursory run around the web I can't see mention anywhere of the details of what is on the DVD...
Want. This. So. Bad. [pause] Bitch.
TWO? /faints

Only Joss can get me so excited about two audio commentaries on a home release of a film about people talking at a party. :D
Kiddo, it looks like the DVD will get the same extras, going by the press release that was sent out (Link).
"Sigh No More" music video!
Yes I was wondering about that. It never got released online, did it?
Now if someone with inside knowledge could just drop by here and mention that the Blu-ray will be region free, that would be perfect.
Region free or not, it will be mine :-D

We already got robbed by not having it on the big screen in the Netherlands *sad*

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I know, gossi, right?!!? I'm more excited about the 'Sigh No More' music video than anything (but of course I'm thrilled there are two commentaries!). I'm so happy I saw this four times (in four different states, with four different friends) but I cannot wait to own the DVD.
From what I can see prior Lionsgate Films Blu-Ray releases are Region A locked. There's a UK Blu-Ray on the way from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, though.
I was hoping they'd have some fun with the subtitles by translating the Shakespearean English into odd American dialects like Valley Girl or Hip Hop.

Funny commentary tracks are so last decade. It's time to mess with the subtitles. :)
I'm hoping that a gag reel will end up as an easter egg on the blu ray. Seriously, we fans need gag reels. This is not an unknown phenomenon.
Fantabulous news :D I am ridiculously excited...

Waited long enough for it to come round to Knutsford but finally saw it the night before last. So worth the wait.

Any news on a UK / region 2 release?

Agreeing with the need for gag reels, but I wondered if there were any goofs with such a tight filming schedule? I live in hope, though...
Thanks, gossi. Always a mystery and/or thriller to see what we actually get here in the Netherlands and with what extras, but the British disks play just fine here, too.
Ordered it already, of course. This will triple what it's grossed so far. Easy.
"an UltraViolet digital copy of the film"

Was it just me that read that as Ultra Violent?
It's kind of a pity that they're not including the Britanick sketch with the cast.
A heads up for anyone wanting to but the region 2 blu-ray/dvd... we didn't get the wonderful special features I was so looking forward to!
Anyone got any clue as to why this may be?
The US distributors wouldn't license the extras to the UK distributor.

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