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August 07 2013

12 best supporting characters in the Buffyverse. Let the games begin!

Actually, I can only think of 11 off the top. They are:

I'm sure I missed many, those are just off the top of my head.
Oh, dang it, how did I forget Oz?!
This pretty much has to be the worst idea for a list I've ever seen. Basically all the scoobies (and fang gang) are good enough for an automatic in, so by limiting it to 12 and going for both shows at once, the list is suddenly about shutting out as many great supporting characters as possible instead of about trying to list (or rank) the best. Really, in a show like Buffy or Angel, calling characters like Cordy, Giles, Wes, Willow or Xander 'supporting characters' is pretty much bull in the first place. Anyone with a standard place in the ensemble should have been excluded along with Buffy and Angel themselves - then you could make an actually interesting list that includes characters people don't automatically think of anyway when they think of BtVS...
Yeah - I think of ALL those characters as "main", not "supporting". But then there are also the incorrect "facts" in the article. For instance, Faith didn't come to Sunnydale with HER watcher. Her watcher had been killed in Boston. Wesley was specifically there for Buffy, to replace Giles. Also, why is it that no one EVER understands Cordy's character? Joss didn't give her the same name as King Lear's one GOOD daughter for nothing. In the first three seasons, Cordy is the ONLY character who never lies (and like the King's daughter, she often says true things that people don't want to hear) and she ALWAYS does the right thing by her friends (even while complaining about it). Don't believe me? Watch it again.
Here's my list (though subject to change if someone mentions one I forgot). I included 13 because I find it a bit debatable whether or not Tara would be considered a Supporting Character. Rather interesting, now that I think about it, how few non-evil long running supporting characters there were on Angel...

Maggie Walsh
Mr. Trick

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