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October 04 2002

Wesley in tights, Minear confirms. In response to a quote from an interview with Amy Acker as printed in E online's Wanda's new column (which contains SPOILERS!), Tim Minear has posted to an "Angel" forum.

Acker says: "This same time last year, I said I wanted Fred to dance. And then he wrote it up where Fred did a ballet scene with Wesley. Luckily, that ended up getting cut. But surprisingly, Alexis was better than you'd think. It was the outfit that was so shocking--it was very tight."

Posting to the "An Angel's Soul Spoiler Board", Tim Minear not only confirms the cut scene exists, he also informs us it, and other goodies, will be included on the S3 DVDs:

"I had the chance to oversee the material provided for the DVDs of season three, and that cut scene will be included -- along with Joss's commentary. So that's a good. Also provided: Amy's screen test (from season two, but seen on the season three DVDs) and also Vincent's screen test. Both scenes written only for that reason. Lots of interesting extras (being a DVD fan, I basically got to hand over everything I would have wanted to see -- so I saved a lot of stuff there's quite a bit of it in the season three set.)"

"he also informs us [the cut scene], and other goodies, will be included on the S3 DVDs"

Great! Of course, at the rate the things are being released in the States, Americans won't see any AtS DVDS until Angel makes it to 100 episodes (season 5), and then about two years after that the season 3 DVDs will be doled out...

I'm not holding my breath.

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