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August 07 2013

Watch the new trailer for 'Thor: The Dark World'. The movie comes out in November.

I can watch the part where Portman punches Loki in the face, saying "This is for New York", forever
All-Mother kicking butt? YES! LOVE!

Looks like this will be infinitely better than the first Thor.
It was nice to hear Christopher Eccleston's voice. He's been more under the radar the last few years. He should be great as the villain.
NFA110, thank you. I was trying to place that familiar voice and was failing. :)
I didn't quite put this all together until now....but this movie has Hiddleston, Elba and Eccleston in it. OMG. Omg omg. ****** flails*****

Ok, I'm back. So Loki is all over this. Glad Joss is changing it up for A2.
Anyone hear anything about rumors that director Alan Taylor was locked out of the editing room? I think they started when he was nowhere to be seen at ComicCon.
I can't speak for the reliability of this article, but it's from May & says Burwell is off the film (apparently confirmed by dateline?) & the author was convinced that Taylor is off the film as well: Latino Review

ETA: Dateline

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Taylor was at comic con actually. The day after the panel he and Tom did autographs.

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