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August 07 2013

Loki possible villain for Agents of SHIELD? Tom Hiddleston is "open" to Loki shaking things up for Coulson and his agents.

"It would be something that would depend upon script and story but yeah, of course," Hiddleston told Crave Online.

I imagine we'll see more stories like this as reporters go up to everyone who has ever been in marvel film and ask them if they'd be on SHIELD.
"Actor willing to be in thing" is an un-story. Hiddleston isn't gonna say no to a random blogger.
I want one of the actors to say, "Absolutely Not!" to see the Internet explode. :)
Sounds like Mr. Hiddleston has a full dance card for awhile, what with playing Robert Capa in a movie and doing Shakespeare in London ...
Well, considering how much fun Tom had when Loki dropped in on the panel at ComicCon, I can't see him turning down the opportunity to even just...pop up in the background somewhere in an episode.

ae It's as much a "story" as Tony Head answering questions about the Ripper spin-off, or Sarah Michelle saying she wouldn't say "no" to a "Buffy" movie. He could have just as easily said "I haven't been approached, so I don't know" or "I think Joss wants to stay away from the established movie characters, aside from Coulson, so no."

Cobie said pretty much the same thing - "I'm in the pilot, but other than that, it all depends."

Jason_M_Bryant Maybe. But maybe the word will get around that Joss has said repeatedly that "SHIELD" is going to be about the "little guys behind the scene," and not Ironman, Hulk or Cap. They might get mention ("Hey, didn't Loki kill that guy?") but the show's not about the superheroes, but the simple heroes.

IrrationaliTV That'd be funny!
Anthony Head talking about Ripper is different because he was going to to star on the show, so his availability and willingness was always a factor. SMG addresses Buffy movie questions with the pretense that it's almost certainly not going to happen. Might be a better approach for Tom than this in my opinion.
I also think the Buffy movie questions are a manufactured story. Nobody is working on it, so there was no point in asking her that.

Asking Cobie makes a lot more sense than Tom because she's already been in the show once. Plus, she *is* an agent of SHIELD. And she's finishing up one TV show, so it makes sense that she might join another show.
I don't know, I think it is possibly useful to measure fan expectations. Like Christopher Eccelston is popularly described as not wanting to return to Doctor Who in part because of diplomatic "my time with the character is done" excuses. Plus there are just some so absurdly busy actors who don't want to deal with flying across country to shoot something on weekends.

Like with SMG it's sort of a measure of behind the scenes relationships right? Like there was that Buffy reboot that was going to be Jossless and by some actress-screenwriter I'm not familiar with but SMG unequivocally stood behind Joss. (Not that they'd bring her aboard as the lead I imagine, but that shot down any chance of her cameoing to "pass the torch" and lend the project any impression of her blessing.)

Huh, I wonder if anyone's gone ahead and asked her if she'd become an agent... Of the past Whedon repertory folk coming to mind who aren't already involved with the project I think we've only heard word from Amy Acker and Nicholas Brendon?

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