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August 07 2013

20 Science Fiction Moments that will make you cry. A few Whedon moments make this list - the only surprise, that they're not higher up. And certain tear-jerking moments from Serenity and Dollhouse are strangely missing...

Ugh, #12. Tears, every single time. And I can't even watch Hole in the World anymore.
My contribution to the list:
I haven't seen too many of those, other than the Whedony ones and a couple of the others. The one that really got me was Jurassic Bark, from Futurama.
Some real tearjerkers on there, especially The Body. The one that kills me from Angel is in AYNOHYEB when he forgives the lady for causing his death; he gives her the absolution that he so desperately wants but cannot have because all his victims are dead. *cries like a baby*

Best non Whedonverse scifi tearjerker has to be Heather's death in the first Highlander movie. Not so much because she is dying, but because he stayed with her as she got old and he didn't, and loved her all the same. Add on the "not long for this world" Freddie Mercury, asking "who wants to live forever" in the background and I am just a sobbing pile of mush.
I did miss Sleeping in Light from Babylon 5. Even hearing the soundtrack brings tears to my eyes.
A weird list. I mean, Vincent and the doctor instead of Doomsday or Angels take Manhattan? And yeah, Charlie's moment was heartbreaking, but hardly no. 1 in sci-fi and Supernatural
Vincent killed me. Even my fiancÚ was misty-eyed.
Maybe the list could have been narrowed had the author actually stuck to Science Fiction. Half the list is fantasy.
Have to agree with steverogers - Jurassic Bark caused me to feel all the feels.
Fantasy #1-The Body.
Sci-Fi #1-Wash's death.
Once more with feeling when she sings I think i was in heaven and willow loses it so do I.
Completely agree with #10. My son went through a phase where Iron Giant was his favorite movie and we watched it about a hundred times a week. And "Superman" made me cry every single time. I get misty just typing this, dangit.

On a Whedony note, I think it would be possible to come up with a Whedon-specific top 20 Make Everyone Cry Forever list in about 15 seconds.
too many tears spilled, too many tissues used and too many hearts broken...or was that just me?
mnspnr: I could do it easily (BtVS/Angel at least, never got much into the other stuff) but I wouldn't be able to see to type it.
I actually teared up just seeing The Body mentioned! And yes, mnspnr, I'm pretty sure I could easily create a Whedon cry list too.
The Body, for me, when Buffy has to tell Dawn and we do not hear. Iron Giant as well. And Graveyard of the Fireflies. In the other Firefly, I was not as affected by Wash's death.

Not sci fi, but Schindler's List when you realize who is leaving the stones at the end of the movie, and Ponette when little Ponette tears at her mother's grave.
The Doctor taking Van Gogh to the Lourve and the first Matt Smith Xmas special always get me.

Bill Murray's speech at the end of Scrooged as well.
The Doctor and Vincent is probably my all time favorite Doctor Who episode. And the scene at the Lourve gets me. Even seeing a gif of it on tumblr gets me. They mentioned Ten's goodbye scenes and I have to be honest... although I do end up a weepy mess every time I watch it, the one that really gets me going is when he visits the grand daughter of the school teacher John Smith fell in love with. Man. Just typing that out has me misty.

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