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August 07 2013

Buffy season 9 digital mega-bundle for $20. All 23 issues to date at one low price from Dark Horse Comics in case you need to catch up or start your digital collection. ETA: There's also a $0.99 sale on Angel & Faith comics.

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I am not that computer literate. Can you download this mega-bundle digital product to your PC, or do you have to get it as an app for one's smartphone? I really would not want to read it on my phone.
You can't actually download them, but you can read them in your browser.
Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it.
Very nice deal. I may hold out for the hardcover library edition books. Bought the season 8 ones- they're absolutely gorgeous.
I hope they start releasing the Library Editions soon. I LOVE my season 8 once. I am curious to see how they'll package them. I'm guessing there will be 2 hardcovers for each series. 2 A&F and 2 Buffy. But do you think the Spike and Willow series will be incorporated?
You aren't given an option to download them, but since you are meant to read each issue in your browser, you simply have to use Firefox as your browser, and each time you turn to a new page click Tools > Page Info > Media, and look for and save that page's JPG image. I suggest naming each one page001.jpg, page002.jpg, etc. since it is important they be in the proper order.

Once you have all the pages (JPGs) for an issue just group them into a new folder, name the folder BuffyS9Issue01 (or something similar) and zip that folder. Then rename the extension from zip to cbz.

You end up with the issue as a cbz file, readable in any comic book reader program - exactly what Dark Horse should be selling in the first place. Kind of a hassle, but, as long as Dark Horse is afraid to sell what the public wants to buy, that's the way to save what you buy.

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Has it been confirmed anywhere that they are doing library editions? Last time I bought single issues, TPBs, and Library edition-I think I went a little overboard. That being said I eventually want collected editions of everything and these are fantastic.
Kind of a hassle, but, as long as Dark Horse is afraid to sell what the public wants to buy, that's the way to save what you buy.
Considering that digital comics sales have been good, are growing, and aren't cannibalizing print sales, they don't really have any particular market pressure to sell CBZ or CBR. The "public" is fine with convenience. Techies, for the most part, are who wants CBZ or CBR. (Me, I buy both; and occasionally make CBZs out of web comics to read offline.)

IMHO, until and unless CBZ and CBR (and all the various readers for them) make any real use out of metadata standards, few consumers are going to bother, because they just become a headache to organize. The "public" doesn't want to self-organize massive collections of digital data.

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