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August 08 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. viral marketing irks activists. The "Rising Tide" marketing is bothering a climate-change activist group called... Rising Tide.

Besides the name, Rising Tide North America's logo is a wave, quite similar to the viral Rising Tide's emblem. Make of that what you will. This doesn't appear to have gone past Facebook and Twitter yet.

(Apologies for the Facebook link, but Rising Tide North America's website is currently down, and if you scroll down on their Facebook page you can see a side-by-side comparison of the logos.)

Huh, the picture component of the logo is very different but the curve of the E is really similar and having the faux-silkscreen effect to texture it makes them look very similar on first glance. (Even if they are different fonts)

Is Rising Tide in the series an actual antagonist if one of the POV characters for the show seems to be a photogenic politically conscious girl? Were they actually cyber-terrorists? I just always assumed it was more of an Anonymous style grassroots campaign.

Granted there's definitely the possibility they're worried about SEO, like when Justin Timberlake accidentally named a single "Take Back the Night" which overlapped with a sexual assault awareness group.
Wow. I don't think I've ever heard a Whedon show called 'brainwashing' before. Not even Dollhouse, and that had brainwashing of a kind IN it! (Although, that was one of the comments, not Rising Tide themselves. Who I never would of heard of if not for this. So...good for them?)
To be fair, if you are going to call yourself 'Rising Tide' then odds on you'll have a wave in your logo.
Alternative headline: "Real-world activists receive boost in awareness thanks to fictional accidental namesake."
Also it doesn't say much for the viral campaign if they're only noticing now. After the Rising Tide blog went up, not much else happened. I was half expecting regular updates about the MCU.
All publicity is good publicity?
To not anger anyone the S.H.I.E.L.D. next villan will be called "Slfjlkqro Ajhadsw"

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I don't think the logos look much alike. But the name sort of forces the connection. :P
This should be fun to watch the over-reactions with conspiracy theories about Disney, secret government spy groups and corporations in general vs their organization. I'm going to like their group just to watch.
Well,the viral campaign wasn't really one, I don't think. Not long after they put off that blog, it just switched to this. Seems like it was just a one-off thing.
When worlds collide?
Actually, our Sun will engulf our planet and burn it to ashes....a rather sad ending I guess.

Yet, that's still a few billon years down the turnpike....and, knowing us, we'll still be arguing the same things. Isn't life grand:)
b!X: I had that thought too.

I strongly suspect this is purely accidental, considering Joss's usual leftward lean. I also suspect that "Rising Tide" on the show won't be just a terrorist group. They may seem more misguided than anything, so far. So it may all end up just fine.
Hey, if you give your group a name that sounds like some sort of quasi-revolutionary James Bond villain organization, this is eventually going to happen. It's not like "rising tide" is some novel and distinctive phrase in the lexicon of English language imagery.

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