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August 09 2013

Angel, Tribute Trailer. A very nice trailer for Angel. Made by the same person who did the Buffy Tribute.

very nicely put, and everyone laughed at me and said btvs and ats wouldn't impact, well if you've never seen either show i highly recommend both shows!
I'll have the last laugh though haha!
I really never tire of these well-done tributes. Thanks.
I am watching Angel season 1 now, which I have not seen in years. I am sure many Whedonesque fans knew this, but it was news to me that Jeremy Renner was the bad-guy demon in episode 9 of the first season entitled Somnambulist.
Great tribute!
@Barry18 I hope you also noticed Josh Holloway (James "Sawyer" Ford of LOST fame) as random douche-vamp in the opening of the pilot City of... :)

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