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August 09 2013

Inside Marvel's secret 'Agents of SHIELD' security. The Hollywood Reporter looks at Marvel and ABC's efforts to protect the pilot at screenings.

I wholeheartedly approve. Usually when a show isn't available it's because it isn't good but enough people have now seen the pilot to belie that idea in this case. :)
It'd be nice to at least have some TV Guide episode descriptions for the episodes after the pilot. Or a promo image. Or who's writing which episodes.

Its cool. I can wait til episode 1 airs.

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That night, at ABC's TCA party, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal showrunner Shonda Rhimes -- a self-professed TV geek herself -- put in a request with Lee to see SHIELD and was told security would likely ask for her smartphone as well if they could arrange a private and guarded viewing.

I'm worried about a project when they start putting this type of unbelievable rubbish into promotion articles .
What do you mean by unbelievable rubbish? I know of top TV executives who had to go to ABC, have their phones taken away, and sign strict NDAs in order to see it. How is what Shonda says unbelievable?
It's unbelievable because we're supposed to believe that ABC think that the showrunner of two of their successful shows will not only record it on her smartphone but then upload it onto the internet . If they don't believe she will do that then taking the phone is "security theater " .

The NDA for TV executives doesn't really make sense either since Comic Con unless they're trying to stop a "me too " situation but I don't see a problem with screenings to stop some executive's assistant leaking it
Their screening was before SDCC. It may be more relaxed now. I see it as treating everyone the same. I see advance screenings of movies all the time nd have zero problems with giving up my (usually surgically attached) phone to security for the duration. Standard practice in the industry these days more often than you would think.
An exec from ABC admitted leaking the Pushing Daisies pilot on BitTorrent after he left. At the Comic-Con Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. screening, ABC security got Marvel's online guy (who was doing the live Comic-Con coverage online) to close his laptop during the screening.
It makes a lot of sense to me that everyone would have to follow the rules. Allowing some people to keep their phones while other people can't would be pretty tacky.
I'm down with Agent M having been made to close his laptop, as after tweeting they wouldn't tweet spoilers, they started outright describing scenes. It was ridiculous.
I found this notice one of the ABC corporate screening sites.

VIDEO SECURITY NOTICE: We have implemented a new security measure that places the account holder's user ID (your email address) on the screen whenever and wherever the account is used to view streaming content on any of the Medianet sites. We don't anticipate that your viewing experience will be disrupted and hope you understand our need to prevent illegal distribution of our advanced screeners.

I would imagine that's the same for the other networks.
Oh, it wasn't a criticism I was making - rules there for a reason.

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