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August 11 2013

First impressions of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." pilot. Matt Mitovich, TVLine, offers his first impressions of the show's not-for-review pilot.

That seems to be the general consensus so far: good if not very good but not great.
It does remain to be seen how NCIS will be affected by the departure of Cote de Pablo. TIVA has been a part of the show for a long time and TIVA shippers will in no way be happy. The new person coming in is said to be an older women with some anger issues. It will not be the same. Might be time to do something more with the show's best weapon, Abby.
Yeah, I'm not too surprised. Except for Serenity, I don't think a Joss pilot has ever been great (and even that one, moreso one you know the characters). Luckily, his follow-through is extraordinary.
"Zong?" Shouldn't that be, "Zing!" Sorry, I always catch on things like that.
Madhatter It's neither "Zong" nor "Zing", but "ZOMG" = slang for a more emphatic (often sarcastic) version of "Oh My God!"
Sumogrip, I think Dollhouse pilot was awesome, almost on the level of Firefly pilot.

Not the false Dollhouse pilot they published of course, but the original that Joss made before powers that be started meddling.
Loved the preview. Very excited for this show. Does anyone else think the character of Skye would have been perfect for Eliza Dushku? I really miss seeing her on tv.

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