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August 13 2013

65 kick-ass female fantasy characters. Three from Buffy on the list, one a bit of a surprise and not the one you might expect. Buffy comes in at #2, with #1 not who I expected.

I don't disagree with the three on the list. What I disagree with is those that were left out... Faith, River, Zoe...
No Emma Peel??
Was this list created by a random list generator? I mean yeah, Kendra gets a lot of unfair negativity, but I'm not sure how she qualifies as more kick-ass than, say, someone who didn't die after less than a year of activity from being stared at.
@Miko River, Zoe and even Echo are on another list they made, 40 kickass female sci-fi characters (here)
I agree about Faith though
mutt999: Fantasy characters.
I find that a pretty reasonable list. If it was my list then I'd have swapped out Kendra for Faith. Also it would have included Riza Hawkeye from FMA:B.
Is it too flippant to just say that it was stupid to have Kendra included and not Faith?

My guess is that the list was compiled by a group and someone told someone else there was an awesome second slayer on Buffy (Faith) and inept research later, here we are...
I agree with the random list generator theory. How can AfterEllen of all places consider an appallingly male-dependent character like Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" kick-ass.
I was very mad to not see Aeryn Sun from Farscape on the list.
then I realized that there was another list for sci-fi female characters.
And then I couldn't find her there either.

Also would have been cool if the star of Wonderfalls was there.

The Avengers (TV), is often referred to as a fantasy. Hence Emma Peel.
I can't agree with the characterization of Belle as "appallingly male-dependent", though clearly a lot of people find her story problematic (to say the least). Rather than post my own long-winded defense of her, I'll link to a blog by another that sums up my response fairly well: The Funny Feminist
I think we can all quibble over the choices made here. In my case, I would have Faith on the list at a high number. I might include Illyria. I am happy to see the Lost Girl love with Bo, Lauren and Tamsin on the list (What? No Kenzi?).

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