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August 13 2013

Ian Hart joins cast of Agents of SHIELD in recurring role. EW has a little info on the role.

Oh wow, he's one of my favourite actors. I just watched him in Snodgrass.
Woah this is awesome, Ian is a great actor. Also loving all the scientists on the show.
Excellent news. Hope he can still do the next series of My Mad Fat Diary though.
For me it's like getting Olivia Williams for Dollhouse, it's great casting.
This is great, Ian Hart is a very interesting actor who brings worlds of subtle layers to every character he plays. I'm really excited about this (of course I'm really excited about everything connected to SHIELD! LOL).
Oh, yay, he's a fantastic actor. Glad to hear this!
And we have Professor Quinius Quirrell!

More Woots!

Tuesday nights are going to be "Mom & TV only" night. It's going to be neglect the family night.

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