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August 13 2013

Happy Birthday, Robin Balzer! Hurrah for the only hero of the Buffyverse who walks among us under the same name in this here 'verse.

Here's the story on Joss's original announcement that Robin would appear in the Buffy S8 comic book thanks to a letter by her husband Jerrod Balzer. And this is the Comic Book Resources explanation of how Robin came to be a Minder.

"You don't volunteer to be a minder, Buffy. You get chosen."

Happy birthday Robin!
Many happy returns of the day, Robin!
Robin's story is so inspiring. This is why I love this fandom!
A very happy birthday to you, Robin!
Many thanks, everyone! Robin holds her Buffy family close to heart.
Happy Birthday Robin! I loved your story in Buffy S8.
Happy birthday to you! I admire your courage!

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