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August 13 2013

Danny Strong: from 'Buffy' extra to 'Butler' screenwriter. NPR's "Here and Now" airs a great interview with Danny Strong. ETA: Time has an interview with Danny as well.

He talks about his time on Buffy, and how he got into writing. He states, "And I'm really grateful to Joss Whedon because he basically started my career."

I was able to catch a screening of The Butler because my work is distributing it. It is a well written film and I think a major contender for award season!
Misquoted him on "Josh" Whedon. But I admire Danny a great deal. He has built himself an awesome career for which there is no going back. Like Amber Benson, who got tired of waiting and getting turned down, he just went and found another creative outlet, and has made it work. HIs star is rising. Deservedly so, as he seems a genuinely, uh, genuine person.
I've noticed how prominently (albeit very quickly) his name is highlighted in the commercials. I keep forgetting to check other movie ads to see how common that is (I know it'sn't done for Jobs.)

From what I've read, he's always been known as an all-around nice person. And he's apparently like most actors in his reaction to having to see himself act. (Fred Astaire's words were "Who is that funny-looking man with the annoying voice up there?") And lots of people write to forget or to relieve tension, so he's in good company there.
I actually met him at a Buffy convention in San Diego many years ago. I was also maybe the happiest guy when I saw him win the Emmy for "Game Change" last year. Looking forward to this
Danny has had a lot of success w/his writing, I think his being an emmy winner is the main reason he is getting this attention for the screen play for 'The Butler'. His success makes me so happy because I have met him, and talked to him, many times at old Buffy conventions, he is so funny nice and open.
I met years ago as well, he's really nice. I added a link to a Time interview.
The way he's approached the script makes me much more interested in seeing the film, particularly the part about a Civil Rights movement movie without a white hero. About time...

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