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August 14 2013

Joss Whedon's blurb for 'The World's End'. Did he like the final movie in the Cornetto Trilogy? (Hint, yes).

I really liked it. The alienation of youth and past.
Is this available anywhere besides instagram? I can's see anything posted at instagram.
Or does anyone know how I can get an app for my computer to see this? All I see is a blank white screen, nothing else.

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Nice. I'm going to one of the trilogy screenings next week and have high hopes. I'm not crazy about Hot Fuzz but I adore Shaun of the Dead.

Can I just post the blurb in the comments for embers or anyone else that can't see it? Is that allowed?
Seeing as it's pr material, sure.
Thought I'd put it up for embers and whoever else needs it.

"THE WORLD'S END is hilarious, exciting and unexpectedly moving. Director Edgar Wright and Co. have crafted a love letter to the genre that never banks on nostalgia for its impact, but creates a fresh and involving new tale. Let the world burn - you're safe with this bunch."
Thanks Quotergal!
Thanks QuoterGal!
Yuppity. Youse welcome.

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