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August 15 2013

CBS interview Alyson Hannigan on the upcoming finale of How I Met Your Mother. My favorite interview answer? "I mean....yeah....I don't know....I know...I don't"

And Aly sends out some Tim Gunn love!

She was little loopy there, in a good way.
"Say, you didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did'ja?" Kidding. I'm going with the theory that her kids kept her up the whole night before this.
She was similarly loopy at comic con. Overtired seems plausible enough. I'd probably be pretty loopy around that many people too, and I neither have kids nor drink, do sandwiches or hang out with some guy named Rack.
It must be very hard to give interview after interview, being asked the same questions while still not giving anything away. Actors should get hazard pay for doing red carpets. It's the rare talent that can be effortlessly graceful and charming while having no script. Aly comes close.
It's possible I could watch her being loopy all day.
I imagine the cast have also been told to keep quiet about the final season, more so than the others, so it must be hard.
And let us not forget that she is (or at least has been until recently) working on a television series full-time - the publicity machine tends to put people on the red carpets after they've completed a full day of work, at which time most human beings want to just sit down and not have to do what amounts to carefully edited and repetitive improv with strangers.

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