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August 16 2013

Your first look at the Firefly board game. Nerd Approved played the game at GenCon and posted a set of photos of the board and various game components.

It has little plastic Firefly tokens and Alliance play money? Okay, I'll buy it.
I could not be more happy that this is a thing that is actually real.

Anyway, it's available (in hardcover?) for preorder from Amazon.
Does anyone know how many players it needs ? This is seriously important info. Hopefully 2+ and not 3 or 4..

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There's dinosaurs! Want!
pez witch, I have one of their other TV show based games here at my desk and it says 3-4 players.
This really does look awesome. I'll buy it just because it is beautiful. I'm afraid it is too expensive to give as gifts to all my friends (they'll need to buy their own). But maybe I'll set up some playing parties (we could have Firefly DVDs playing in the background, distracting us while we try to figure out the rules)!
pez witch, 1-4 players. You can see the information on the back cover in the producer's e-shop:
Thank you so much for that, kernel32cz ! :D
So I guess people at Gen Con really wanted this game.
According to the comments on that video, the game sold out in 9 minutes, despite the big stack of them that they had. :-)
For those of us who want to know if it's more than just pretty (because it's certainly very pretty!), see this thread. The first post is a review by someone who has played it four times, and what follows is discussion and speculation on game play including some comments by others who've played it.

The consensus seems to be that it's very thematic, but there's some parts of the game mechanic (e.g. 'event cards') that some people think sacrifice game play and strategy for theme.

Also, elsewhere on boardgamegeek, Galeforce 9 (the game designers) have said
We can also confirm the expansions are absolutely in the plan

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