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August 16 2013

What ABC's 'Agents of SHIELD' will need to do to get an audience - and save the network. The Hollywood Reporter looks at some of the problems Agents of SHIELD may face in finding an audience.

Broken link. And oy.
Bad link. No donut.(but the 404 error is worth linking to..)
Just Goodman being Goodman. He actually liked the pilot if you read all the way to the end.
I think I pretty much agree with everything he said regarding the business end of things. I'll have to see about his opinion of the pilot when it actually airs.
I would say I've decided not to worry about this if I'd given any thought to worrying about it at all. It was different with Dollhouse, because Joss didn't get to tell the story he wanted to and J-Mo didn't get to break out and shine until Epitaph One. But now the show they want to make seems to be the show the network wants them to make, he's one of the most successful film makers ever, they're widely recognized writing talents and we're getting a whole new set of actrons to love, secure in the knowledge that even a not-so-long-lived Whedony series will boost general appreciation for their talents, as the graduates of the Firefly Academy of Star Scribes & Thespians can attest. And is anything promoted as well as the Marvel universe? The other day I spotted one of their billboards on my bedroom ceiling. So I'm going to worry about important things, like whether the beautiful brainy British biochemist will get together with Agent Smugface. Cuz I want to see him work for it. Sure, he's tall and can punch stuff, but she can heal the sick with her mind, so who should be into whom more, really?

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I agree w/Pointy. The audience showed up for the pilots of Lost and Heroes (or am I wrong? I might be wrong...), and I expect SHIELD to get a big audience. I think we need to really worry about who we should pair Coulson with for the slash fanfic we all want to write (because he can't just have a long distance relationship w/Captain America!).
Hey, why don't I have an Agents of S.HI.E.L.D. promotion on my ceiling? *pouts*

Anyway, I am sooo not worried about this. It's Joss, it's Marvel, it's not Fox. Especially after the success of last year's Arrow (which I think will turn out to be the lesser show)

Besides, if they cancel it after 13 episodes, it gives us something else to complain about LOL.
Why don't we give it a watch first and decide then?
Many people including the critic writing have already watched the pilot. I enjoyed it but will need several more episodes to decide if I love it.

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