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August 16 2013

(SPOILER) Preview of Angel & Faith #25. The final issue will be released August 28th.

I wonder if Angel and Faith will remain a series in Season 10 or if they will split up and get their own solo books (or a Faith and Spike title)?
I have absolutely no idea how all this is going to end. It's going to really come down to the wire.

With only 22 pages left in the season, I have no idea how they are going to wrap it up.

As for Season 10, I would't mind an Angel solo book, with Connor back. A return to LA would be nice, but I don't see them going backwards. I have a feeling that whatever way this season ends, everything will be changed.
I have a feeling both A&F #25 and BtVS #25 are going to have pretty major cliffhangers. Scott Allie has warned we will have a long winter waiting for Season 10.
I'm thinking the battle ends within the first half of the issue,then we get some coda. It almost seems like the fight with Whistler could end right after the preview, with Angel shoving that orb down Whistler's throat or whatever he's about to do there.
I have a feeling Angel and Faith may be parting ways after this season and we'll have different monthlies next season.

Preview looks great.
So. One title fighting to stop magic returning. One title fighting to start magic returning. Blue "seed" vs Red seed.

...There's a Red vs Blue joke in here somewhere.

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