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August 18 2013

(SPOILER) Danny Strong is in "The Butler." Besides writing the screenplay, Danny Strong has a small role in the movie, per this interview.

Huh, I find it interesting to learn that for a big franchise movie they were willing to have one screenwriter for the first half of a book but even remotely considered having a different one for the second.

Also that even after his screenwriting success Strong still acts? Like in this anecdote it was out of necessity but I was curious about him re-turning up in Mad Men since his last appearance almost felt like the turn with his character might have been even slightly inspired by Strong's own career re-direction.
He was on "Grey's Anatomy" I think last season, and that was just to act, not because he'd been playing the role before (it was a one-shot) or because he was involved in the production in some other capacity and there was an emergency. So I think he does still act, depending on whether he likes the role and whether time permits.
I am just so very proud of Danny. I wish I had half his talent.
Has anyone heard about this casting controversy? Vietnam veterans are pretty upset about Jane Fonda's role in the film.
Sadly, lecter, anything involving Jane Fonda is going to controversy in certain section of the US population, because of her social and political viewpoints during the Vietnam era...especially when those viewpoints led her to visit North Vietnam and make comments defending that same country's government and people when they were all but outright enemies (barring a never-issued declaration of war).

Though I do have to question how much deep thought was conducted when Ms. Fonda was considered for Nancy Reagan....I have no power to judge but part of my brain starts to ponder if Harry Lennix's dismissal of the film after reading (a portion, I will admit) the script as "historical porn" doesn't have a bit of merit. Unconventional choices for playing particular roles are one thing, but having someone with 40+ years of vitriol associated with their name play a role like First Lady Nancy Reagan? Danny most likely had no real say in how they cast the film based on his script, but I have wonder if he had Joss-circa-OG!Buffy thoughts about how his work was getting filmed in a way that wasn't what he had in mind...

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