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August 19 2013

Happy Birthday, James Marsters. Blondie Bear is 51 today.

happy birthday Captain Peroxide!! hehe
As I type this, it's still the 19th where I am, and some part of my brain actually knew his birthday's the 20th and wondered why this headline was here so early.

Is it weird that I knew his birthday without looking it up? I'm not obsessed, I promise. (and even if I were, it's not my fault, I never liked you anyway. ;) )

I mostly knew that because we're roughly the same age. I was surprised at that back when we were forty and the NYTimes was helpful/nosy enough to mention his age in an article.

(I wonder how many interview subjects hate the way they always toss in the age number, and how delighted the reporters and editors involved might be to puncture a few egos once in a while.)
The only reason I remember it is his birthday is because it is my friend's birthday too. Happy birthday, James and Naomi!
Happy birthday mr J.
Happy Birthday James. Still think the calendar's lying about your birth year, but then again I still live in a time in my head when Buffy and Angel and Firefly are still on the air and there are new episodes to come. I like my world :)
i'm with you on that spikesdeb!
Spike will always sacrife himself in Sunnydale, but part of me thinks he should still be with his pet love Dru.
Happy Birthday James keep smelling of Old Spice and Talc ;-p
Happy Birthday James!!!!!
Happy Birthday!
All the best, James!

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That portrait in his attic is doing a great job! Happy Birthday Mr Marsters
Happy Birthday Dear James.....hope your day was as special as you are. May you always be blessed with good health, much love and happiness and many...many more great birthdays.
PS: You look fantastic...what IS your secret?????
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES - and for the spn fans Happy bday Misha Collins too :) lovely talents share the same birthday.
Turns out it is Amy Adams birthday too.

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