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August 20 2013

Indie Summer Box Office Rundown. It didn't make Avengers money, but how did Much Ado about Nothing hold up at the summer indie movie box office?

Very nice, I'm guessing that will be a tidy profit for Bellweather to pour into some more projects. Speaking of which, anyone know when In Your Eyes is supposed to come out?
Where or when did Joss say Much Ado was originally meant to be released online? I missed that. I thought it was always meant for the festival circuit and therefore hoping for an indie release.
I didn't think Joss decided to put 'Much Ado' on the festival circuit until he was cutting it and realizing it looked really good (I thought he said that before it went to Toronto, before Lionsgate picked it up). But of course I don't know that for sure. He did point out, back in those early days, that it cost less to make than 'Doctor Horrible' (which made a tidy profit online).
Im really happy for him, but there is a monstrous, savage and unflatering part of me, a shamefull part of me, that probably speaks for other people from other countries around the world as well that didnt even smell an opening of this on our turf, that wishes he had released it online.

Hey, i said it was a shamefull and selfish, monstrous part of me, didnt i? ;)

Kudos tough, not only because it made some money, and it will help other Bellweather productions, bur because it gor serious atention from the press. :)

PD: I do remember him saying that for a while they didnt know how they would relaese it, and he mentioned they had considered online distribuition for a while; i dont remember wich interview it was, but it did give the impression it was in a very early, not really giving it much tought yet phase of the whole affair.

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I believe the basic spirit was 'let's try making this thing.. not sure what will happen with it, we might put it on iTunes. Let's see.'

With DVD and all that raz over the years, it won't suck.
Darkness: As a non-US fan suffering major Husbands envy... I hear ya.

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So happy that it is finally opening for me this Friday. But won't be completely happy until I'm inside the theater with lights dimming and the annoying commercials before the movie start to roll.

Still wounded by the non-professionalism from UIP back in the day that cancelled the wide release of both Serenity (which I did watch on the big screen thanks to the festival circuit) in '05 and The Cabin in the Woods (which I never had the pleasure to watch properly on a big screen ever) last year barely before they were to happen.

At least Much Ado is not being ditributed by them, and the company that is doing so swears it'll really happen despite being postponed twice.

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