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August 20 2013

Elizabeth Olsen rumoured to be in the running for Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2. Bleeding Cool says Saoirse Ronan has passed on the role.

Based solely on "Martha Marcy May Marlene," I fully support this. Elizabeth Olsen was terrific in that role!
Ooh Saoirse would have been awesome. She was amazing in Hanna. I haven't seen Elizabeth Olsen in anything but I hear she's great too.
Well she does have twin experience from her sisters.
I'm bummed Saoirse Ronan's potentially passed on the part; I love her, and think she's one of the most unique actors working right now. I've not personally seen anything with Olsen in it, but I've heard good things about her.

The thing that most intrigues me is the possibility of Joss casting one of his own troupe as Scarlet Witch. I remember people suggesting it while he was casting Hulk in the first movie, and I thought that it was far too early for Joss to really have that kind of pull. But it's been a few years and he's made a huge success of the first movie & launched himself up the Hollywood ladder -- he has clout now. And the Scarlet Witch is a more minor role than the Hulk. This is just a roundabout way of saying it'd be awesome if Summer got the role; I can see her in the part so perfectly.
I saw her in 2 films recently "Martha Marcy May Marlene" and Josh Radnors "Liberal Arts" and I liked her very much in both of them. So for me, she would be a welcome addition to the Whedonverse. ;)
Aren't the Maximoff twins half Roma and half Jewish? Where are all these anglo, blonde actors coming from?
the one Olsen that can act. I'm ok with this.
I have always wanted Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Scarlet Witch. I am annoyed they are going so young with this role.
This brilliant and talented young actress can do anything. Perfect choice.
She was great in Silent House.
Silent House! Knew I'd seen her in something, thanks for the reminder.
She was great in Silent House (which was a horror movie in a one shot).

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