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August 21 2013

'Avengers 2' scoop: How Ultron will differ from the comics. "As a character I love [Ultron]," Whedon says, "because hes so pissed off."

I mean, he's gotta come out of Tony Stark's lab, right? Seems like the proper hook to get Stark back in the suit, having one of his remote robot army develop into a villain.
I like that Joss is making Ultron's nearly invincible powers more vincible. He'll still be a tough baddie, but a manageable one. May favorite part of Avengers was Joss' take on Loki being 'in too deep' with the chitauri, and just riding it out as the tide fell. It gave Loki so much more depth than simply joining forces like a flighty villain mash-up. For A2 I know Joss will give the robot-with-feelings a good reason to be resentful, which will probably lead to more heart pounding confrontations than if Ultron were just an invincible machine.
Wonder if we'll see any shades of Adam, my least favorite big bad. I hope the movie is Ultron just going after the Avengers, i.e. not having takeover of the world on the line as in most recent comic book movies. Some of Joss' comments lead me to believe that could be the case, which is a good thing.
Still hoping Jarvis evolves into Ultron.
@MrArg: I doubt it, because Adam was very dispassionate. Joss' comments imply that he will be exploring Ultron being angry and irrational, despite its robotic mind.

At the end of S4, the writers apologized for writing Spike into a corner (by breaking up the Scooby Gang before Buffy got into the Initiative), but I thought that was a strength. I thought it was entirely in character for the impulsive Spike to lose track of his big-picture goal. In the old Spider-Man comics, he isn't just wise-cracking to be a wise ass, but to infuriate his opponents into making mistakes. I'd be happy to see Ultron get so caught up in ranting and raving that it loses whatever advantages it had set up for itself.

I think the important thing will be to make Ultron terrifying, in a Terminator sort of way (except angry). In the comic Runaways, I don't think Vaughn got Ultron quite right, but he certainly got the reaction of the other characters right. ("It's the worst killing machine ever invented. We're dead!")
Good point. For as many great stand-alone episodes as S4 has, I have to admit it left the smallest impression on me as a season-long arc.
@garyyager: I hope so too, but for different reasons.

I've enjoyed that Whedon has made nods to the earliest original comics (Loki forming the Avengers, Cap's Kooky Quartet), but they are subtle enough that those who don't know won't be taken out of the movie.

Having Jarvis become Ultron would be a nice spin.
In the comics, the Crimson Cowl is menacing the Avengers, but he is unmasked to reveal a robot dummy. Then CC walks out and reveals that he is Jarvis! (The next issue reveals that this is a double-twist. The "robot dummy" was actually the first appearance of Ultron, who had hypnotized Jarvis into acting like the villain.)

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