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August 21 2013

Channel 4 to air 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' in UK in "massive deal". More details expected tomorrow. ETA: Read the Channel 4 press release here. And a BBC News article here.

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Yay! Now I'll definitely be able to watch Agents of Shield! Hopefully Channel 4 show it pretty close to the US airdate like they're doing with Homeland, although that can be a little more difficult with a network show considering the starts and stops throughout the season, as we're used to a full run through of US imports here.

I mean, some network shows are still aired pretty close to their US airdate, but mostly on Sky channels. Arrow, for example. Even Grey's Anatomy on Sky Living was only a few weeks behind at certain points last season.
Great. They did a fab job with Angel, so I'm very hopeful. Also my money was on Sky.
I believe it's going to be fast tracked to air. There might actually be a Whedonverse convention in the UK where the entire audience didn't watch via BitTorrent for once.
Wow colour me delighted and a little surprised. Thought Sky would have it. But I'm kinda glad it's on terrestrial TV.

@gossi that'd be good :) Bring on the Con!
So 9pm on a Wednesday night or would they save it for a Saturday night? That might get the Dr Who crowd.
It'll be fun to watch it live with the UK crowd. We don't get Ch4 officially, but there's ways and means.
I am really surprised but delighted it won't be on a pay channel They must have paid a hell of a lot for it.
Oooh I have Freeview HD as well. Excellent.
Just hope they keep it from Sky after Season 1
Simon, I thought C4 cut Angel to shreds? I remember a stupidly early broadcast time and a heck of a lot of cuts.

That said, I don't see them making the same mistake after The Film. And I'm ridiculously excited about it being on actual terrestrial TV and not on some nasty Murdoch channel. This is excellent news!
I dimly recall Angel having a late night showing too. Though I may be thinking of Buffy on the BBC...
They did a terrible job with Angel. Showed the first few episodes at something like 6 PM so half of the content was cut, too far ahead of the BBC showings of Buffy for anyone to watch in any kind of order, entire episodes were skipped and then eventually the whole thing was bumped to 2 in the morning (and I don't think season five ever got an airing).

I doubt this will happen in the post-Homeland landscape - I wouldn't be surprised to see this on a Sunday evening. There's different people running Channel 4 now, but what we have to look out for is that it doesn't move to another channel after the first season…
I thought C4 cut Angel to shreds?

That it did. I signed up for a free trial to read the Broadcast article. There's not much more news than the tweet Gossi linked to. Nothing about an airdate or timeslot.

Though the press release says "The series will premiere on Channel 4 in autumn, soon after its launch on the ABC network in the US".
Quoteage from Jay Hunt, Chief Creative Officer at Channel Four: "Like the Super Hero universe from which it has come, Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is big, bold and absolutely exhilarating.. Featuring the production values you’d expect from Marvel and ABC Studios, this is family entertainment at its most exciting.”
Excellent! It has been incredibly annoying having to wait so long to see Joss's most recent TV work and miss the opportunity to participate in a meaningful discussion with you wonderful peeps about the fabishness of it all.

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